Dealers/Garages Accord DIY Service Regime Survey

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    Any members who do a DIY service regime, I wondered if you could please complete the attached cut & paste survey if you have a moment, for the information of other members:-




    Oil filter:

    Cabin filter:

    Air filter:

    Spark/glow plugs:

    Fuel filter:

    Gearbox oil:


    Brake fluid:

    Brake pads:

    Brake discs:

    Clutch fluid:

    External upkeep:

    Internal upkeep:
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  2. Car: 7th Generation Tourer 2.4 facelift

    Tyres: Yokohama C Drive (will probably get Yoko Advan next time)

    Oil: Exol Optima Vimax 0W 30 Longlife 98 every 6 months including filter

    Oil filter: Honda

    Cabin filter: Honda every year

    Air filter: Honda every 2 years

    Spark plugs: NGK Iridium IZFR6K-11 every 4 years

    Fuel filter: Honda every 4 years

    Gearbox oil: Castrol SMX-S (changing to Red Line MTL next time) every 2 years

    Coolant: Honda Type 2 every 4 years

    Brake fluid: Castrol Response Super DOT 4 (changing to Halfords DOT 5.1 next time) every 2 years

    Brake pads: Honda

    Brake discs: Honda

    Clutch fluid: Comma DOT 5.1 (changing to Halfords DOT 5.1 next time) every 2 years

    External upkeep: Car-Lack 68, Collinite 915, Halfords Rain Repellant

    Internal upkeep: CarPlan Leather Valet, CarPlan Dash Valet - Matt Finish, Halfords Interior Mist Repellant
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  3. Jon_G Guest

    Car: 54 (pre-facelift) 7th Generation 2.2 I-CTDI tourer @145k miles

    Tyres: Rear - Pirelli P6000 / Front - Kumho Ecsta KU31 (all 205/55 R16)

    Oil: Carlube TripleR 0W-30

    Oil filter: Mikayo

    Cabin filter: 'something cheap' from EuroCarParts

    Air filter: Mikayo

    Spark plugs: n/a

    Fuel filter: Bosch (OEM part)

    Gearbox oil: Honda MTF3

    Coolant: unknown (never replaced)

    Brake fluid: various (whatever's in the garage when needed)

    Brake pads: Pagid

    Brake discs: Pagid

    Clutch fluid: various (whatever's in the garage when needed)

    External upkeep: v rarely (mostly getting the brake dust off the wheels now and again)

    Internal upkeep: v rarely (mostly wet wipes when it looks really filthy)
  4. AccordCU2 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    United Kingdom Brum
    Car:Accord 8th Generation 2.4 manual

    Tyres:Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta

    Oil:Fuchs Titan Pro S 5w-40

    Oil filter:Honda

    Cabin filter:Honda

    Air filter:Honda

    Spark/glow plugs:NGK changed by Speedy last week,Thanks a lot Speedy!

    Fuel filter:Never done before and not due for some time

    Gearbox oil:Honda MTF3

    Coolant:Never done before,on to do list

    Brake fluid:Honda Dot4

    Brake pads:Honda

    Brake discs:Honda
    Clutch fluid:Honda Dot4

    External upkeep:AG shampoo,meguiars clay bar,Collinite 915,Bilbery wheel cleaner,Poorboys wheel sealant etc.

    Internal upkeep:AG leather cleaner and conditioner,AG instant showroom shine

  5. Dave Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Car: 2006 Accord I-CTDI Tourer

    Tyres: Hankook Ventus V12 Evo K110

    Oil: Lubetech 0w30 Optima

    Oil filter: Genuine Honda

    Cabin filter: Genuine Honda

    Air filter: Genuine Honda

    Spark/glow plugs: (Not changed yet)

    Fuel filter: Genuine Honda

    Gearbox oil: Whatever Honda put in, will be changed to whatever Honda sell me eventually!

    Coolant: What Honda sold me outta there big drum (supplied my own empty bottles)

    Brake fluid: Stuf from local motor factors DOT 4 I think!

    Brake pads: Ferrodo

    Brake discs: ADL Blueprint

    Clutch fluid: Same as brake fluid

    External upkeep: Wash n Wax, odd AG Super Resin Polish (time permitting)

    Internal upkeep: Dyson for the carpets, AG Vinyl & Rubber, AG Leather Cream & AG Glass Cleaner
  6. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
    Car: 1977 MY* (1976) Honda Accord 1.6 SJ
    2007 MY* (2008) Honda Accord 2.4 CM2
    2012 MY* (2013) Honda Accord 2.5 CW2

    MY* Model Year

    Tyres: Massive Yokohama Tyre fan

    1977 Cheap and nasty Hero Tyres made in China, Need replacing with Yokohama's next year provided the vendor can find odd tyre size.

    2007 Honda Accord Michelin Pilot Sport PS2, before the Michelin used Yokohama AVS dB Decibel V550 , but since Yokohama have discontinued those tyres I had to change. May try Yokohama C drives 2 or Advans next time. Michelin tyres are amazing for grip and braking, but it has a poor wear rate. Excellent soft tyre thou.

    2013 Honda Accord Bridgestone Turanza Factory fitted tyres, poor performance when tyres are cold , but very compliant ride and grip once tyres are warm. will change them for Yokohama's.

    Oil:1977, 2007 Honda Accord get Silkolene Pro S 5w-40 , 1977 Honda get a shot of ZDDPlus every oil change.

    2013 Honda Accord undecided. Modern Honda get oil change at 6K miles , 1500 miles for the first gen or yearly.

    Oil filter: All cars Honda genuine JDM Oil filter .Change every year on first gen 1500 miles , modern Honda accord 6k miles

    : 2007 & 2013 Honda Accord get the Honda genuine pollen filter every year or mileage or 12500 miles.

    Air filter: All cars Honda genuine Air Filter Change every year or mileage or 12500 miles.

    Spark/glow plugs:
    All cars Honda genuine part NGK spark plugs , as too many fakes out there.As per service schedule.

    Fuel filter: All cars Honda genuine fuel filter. Change as per schedule , and every two year on first gen

    Gearbox oil: All cars Honda genuine MTF-3 changed yearly on all cars.

    Coolant: All cars Honda genuine Type -2 premix coolant., changed yearly on the 1st Generation

    Brake fluid: All cars Honda genuine DOT 4 brake fluid,Power flushed every year with 2 litres for each car.

    Brake pads: Honda genuine Pads all cars.

    Brake discs: Honda genuine disc all cars.

    Clutch fluid: All cars Honda genuine dot 4 brake fluid changed every service or yearly.

    External upkeep: & Internal upkeep:

    Preclean Stage to remove bugs and road kill
    Meguiars All Purpose Cleaner Wheel arches and door shuts.
    Meguiars Super Degreaser Engine washes or on stubborn dirt.
    For Tar spots and other fallouts
    Autosmart Tardis external as it smells awful and nasty.
    Internal if needed Valet pro Citrus Tar and Glue Remover
    Foaming and Hand washing
    Meguairs Hyper wash with foaming lance.
    Two bucket with Meguiars Hyper wash and lambwool mitts. Don’t use grit guard it the worst thing you can use.
    Mop up and Drying
    Honda Petrol leaf blower with super soft microfiber
    Meguiars last touch to get rid of water marks.and leave surface perfectly clean.
    Wheels and Tyres
    Valet pro Bilberry Wheel Cleaner with Raceglaze Detailing Brush Set, , EZ Detail Wheel Brushes both sizes. PB Luxury Wheel Woolies of delicate front face.
    Wheel sealant Poor boys or Blackfire sealant.
    Tyre Dressing Blackfire Total Eclipse Tyre Gel. Or Swisvax Penu. What is available.
    Bilthamber soft
    Prewax Cleaner
    Blackfire Gloss Enhancing Polish
    Or SwisVax cleaner fluid.(Regular)

    Blackfire Midnight Sun Paste Wax
    Or Swissvax Shield

    Machine polishing once in two years.

    Engine dressing
    303 Aerospace Protectant
    Metals and Chrome
    Blackfire All Metal Sealant

    A few dozen other combinations on nearly all parts of car detailing ...losing the will to live now :Wink:. Or just ask Zoran he has seen the lot.
  7. Forethought New Member Getting Started

    Car: 2008 Accord Sedan EXL-V6, 3.5l, 5AT (USA 8th generation)

    Tyres: Kumho Ecsta ASX 235/45x18 (All Season Ultra High Performance) on Enkei Performance EM5 18x7.5 aluminum rims

    Honda/Phillips 5W-20 Full Synthetic

    Oil filter: Honda OEM

    Cabin filter: Fram Fresh Breeze

    Air filter: K&N Reusable on K&N Typhoon Ram Air Intake (California EPA Certified)

    Spark/glow plugs:
    Bosch Iridium

    Fuel filter: Honda OEM

    Gearbox oil: Honda/Idemitsu DW-1 ATF

    Coolant: Honda Type II Premixed

    Brake fluid: Honda DOT3

    Brake pads: StopTech Performance (aramid-compound) front & rear

    Brake discs: StopTech PowerSlot slotted hard-alloy high performance
    (Note: Finally solved continuous front/rear disc warping - US spec Honda OEM brakes are very poor!)

    Clutch fluid: NA

    External upkeep: Turtle Wax Extreme Cleaner Wax

    Internal upkeep: Blue Magic Leather Cleaner/Conditioner

    Additional Info: BC Racing BR-type height/dampening adjustable coilovers, vehicle lowered ~19mm (finally corrected underdamped rear suspension)
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  8. davemazo Senior Member ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Car: `06 I-CTDI tourer EX

    Tyres: At the moment Michelin Primacy rear and Avon ZZ3 front but in future decent budget tyres

    Oil: Lubetech 0w-30 every 6 months

    Oil filter: Honda with oil change

    Cabin filter: Honda when its dirty

    Air filter: Honda when its dirty

    Spark/glow plugs: N/A

    Fuel filter: Usually 12 months with Honda part

    Gearbox oil: Don`t know, haven`t done that yet

    Coolant: Don`t know left it to my mechanic

    Brake fluid: Last done about 2 years ago by mechanic don`t know what type

    Brake pads: Genuine Honda

    Brake discs: Genuine Honda

    Clutch fluid: Haven`t done that

    External upkeep: Autoglym wash and wax but just bought a snow foam lance to try

    Internal upkeep: Autoglym leather treatment and a hoover
  9. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
  10. garrafa2 New Member Getting Started

    Car: 2006 7th Generation Sedan 2.2 facelift, 84.000 miles at the moment.

    Tyres: Michelin Primacy HP (previously Michelin Primacy), 205/55/R16 91V, every 75k kms/46k miles

    Oil: Cepsa Xtar Eco Tech HDI C2 5w30 [previously Bardhal XTC C60 10w40 Fullerene, Mobil 1 5w30, Esso Ultron 5w40] every 15.000kms-20.000kms (10k-12,5k miles)

    Oil filter: Purflux L393, on each oil change

    Cabin filter: Corteco CC1179 (carbon) every year

    Air filter: Herth+Buss J1324050 every 15k kms-20k kms (10k-12,5k miles)

    Spark plugs: -

    Fuel filter: Purflux CS768 every 40k km. (aprox. 25k miles)

    Gearbox oil: HONDA MTF3

    Coolant: -

    Brake fluid: -

    Brake pads: Front: EBC DP1525 Ultimax. Rear: EBC DP1216 Ultimax

    Brake discs: front: EBC D1399. Rear: originals

    Clutch fluid: -

    External upkeep: -

    Internal upkeep: -
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  11. intruder Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    United Kingdom Rokas Bristol, UK
    Car: 2007 Honda Accord Type-S 2.4 saloon

    Tyres: Summer tyres - Bridgestone Potenza 225/45 R17 (came with a car when I bough it, but can't say it's bad rubber). Winter tyres - not yet bought, but will buy Nokian WR A3 (have a very good experience with this brand and model of winter tyres), perhaps will go for 215/45 R17

    Oil: Fuchs Titan Pro S 5w-40

    Oil filter: Genuine Mugen High Performance oil filter

    Cabin filter: -

    Air filter: Genuine Honda

    Spark/glow plugs: -

    Fuel filter: -

    Gearbox oil: -

    Coolant: -

    Brake fluid: Genuine Honda

    Brake pads: Genuine Brembo

    Brake discs: -

    Clutch fluid: -

    External upkeep: Mainly Autoglym stuff

    Internal upkeep: Mainly Autoglym stuff

    "-" means haven't replaced myself yet.
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  12. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

    England Speedy Birmingham
    Car: 2004 Accord 2.4 Exec, LPG, 116K

    Tyres: Michellen Premacy 3

    Oil: Castrol Magnatec 5w30 Fully Synthetic (every 6K)

    Oil filter: Honda (every 6K)

    Cabin filter: -

    Air filter: Honda

    Spark/glow plugs: -

    Fuel filter: -

    Gearbox oil: HONDA MTF3

    Coolant: -

    Brake fluid: -

    Brake pads: -

    Brake discs: -

    Clutch fluid: -

    External upkeep: Generally AutoGlym products

    Internal upkeep: Misc. stuff