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    Hello accord friends,

    I am Ronny Lucassen from the Netherlands, a huge honda enthousiast.
    Maried with my lovely wife Sandra, we have two sons Yannick en Jesper
    We live in the South of the netherlands. Heijen is the village

    We own at the moment:

    Honda S800 Coupe 1967 (fully restored)

    honda S600 (i am restorating it at the moment)

    Honda s600 Restauratie | MijnAlbum - Fotoalbum Gratis Online!

    Honda Z600 (american car unrestored with synchronisched gearbox) for sale !

    CR-X Del Sol (bought in switseland in febr 2013)

    CR-X Del Sol | MijnAlbum - Fotoalbum Gratis Online!

    Honda accord 2.2 VTEC (bought in france 2 mounths ago nearby geneva)

    Fotoalbum, Gratis Online! Uw Digitale Foto's in een Online Fotoalbum bij Mijn Album!

    daily driver is my honda accord aerodeck 2.0 i 12v from 1986 (bought in strassbourgh but original car from BASEL)driven more than 35000km in 10 mounths on LPG

    honda acty original dutch (one of the 3 imported)

    Honda acty bought in france (rambersvillers) just needed the parts

    Honda acty bought in switserland (geneva just for parts)

    honda Civic 1986 my wifes car

    i have about 400 modelcars of honda, 1000 prospect and a lot of other stuff

    so when i can help anybody of you please contact me.

    thanks for reading
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    Where have you been !! :Happy:You finally found us and logged on you have made my day with that thread!!

    Sorry for all the logon issues. happy to have you onboard. I have a good contact in the UK if you need Acty parts

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    thanks for your kind words. yes i am looking for new body panels but they are very very hard to find.

    what do you need from me to help me further



    - - - Updated - - -

    I also will tell you about some cars i HAD in the past!

    ok some i will mention

    honda NSX targa Imola orange (bought in Vizille nearby grenoble in 2005) sold in holland en after that it went to Paris.
    Honda accord 3 drs 1976 1978 1981
    honda accord limousine 1980 1981
    honda accord 3 drs 1982 1984
    Honda accord 2.2 1991
    honda stream
    honda shuttel 2.3 auto
    honda shuttle 4WD 1990
    honda shuttle 1.5 1984
    honda Prelude 1979 1981 1980 tropic 1983 1984 1987
    Honda N360 2x
    Honda N400
    honda N600 12x
    Honda N600 automatic 3x
    honda s800 coupe 4x
    honda s800 cabriolet1x

    sorry i need to stop otherwise you get crazy
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    WOWWW !! Love your car collection, real and models :Smile:

    Welcome to Accord Owners Club sir, you've found the "real" Honda enthusiasts website. I'll be spending some time going through your photo albums :Hey:
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    Please carry on I won't get crazy..Its fine with me I want to hear how mad can another honda collector can be.
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    England CJ Leeds
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    Welkom Ronny. :Thumbup:
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    Ook een welkom van mij, Ronny.

    Nice collection!!! Unbelievable, such a Honda enthousiast.
    But... only cars? Never drove or owned a Honda motorcycle?