Previously Owned Accord EX 2.0i 4wALB

3rd Generation (1986-1989) vehicle added by SpeedyGee, Saturday 27th Sep, 2014

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    Accord 2.0i 4wALB

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    As soon as I got her, the first job I did was to replace the discs and pads all round as she wasn't so good at stopping.
    Some months later, for my own piece of mind I paid to have the timing belt changed on her.
    Other than this and regular servicing, she never cost me a penny. She was a joy to drive especially on the motorway and in the two years I had her I put on 45,000 miles. I kept her well maintained, serviced and looking the works by use of lots of AutoGlym products.

    When I sold her on, she had moved onto 225,000 miles and was still going strong with not a rattle or squeak coming from anywhere.
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