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    Spain Ian Pedreguer
    Hello to all,

    I couldn't find a decent low-mileage Accord in Spain so I came to England to get one.
    Took it for a 1250 mile test drive to our home in Spain and it never missed a beat !
    Love it.
    However, I have problem which occurred yesterday.
    For no reason that we can understand, whilst parked/locked in the drive, the car alarm started up.
    There were no flashing lights (I believe).
    The day before, I washed the car to remove the crap it collected en route from England to Spain.
    Otherwise, I did nothing.
    It was locked with the key remote button.
    Although the key fob allowed me to open the drivers door - it did not stop the alarm.
    I tried starting the car but it felt as the though the battery was almost flat and barely turned the starter at all.
    So I disconnected the negative battery terminal - which stopped the main alarm sound - but there was still a low level alarm coming from the boot.
    No amount of button pressing would stop it.
    I reconnected the battery and the alarm stopped.
    Of course the car would not start due to a virtually flat battery.
    I jump started it from our old Saab and drove it for 20 minutes.
    That was sufficient to charge the battery enough to switch off and restart normally.
    I removed both battery terminals and put the battery on charge.
    It is now fully charged.

    Can anyone suggest a possible explanation for this strange behaviour ?
    Any contributions will be most welcome.
    Thanks to all who read my post.
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  2. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Hello @tigmar and welcome to Honda Karma.

    Which Accord and what year is it?

    Very low voltage (could be caused by faulty HFT unit on 7th gens) will cause all sorts of issues.
    Therefore, ensure you have a good battery and if a 7th Generation, disconnect/replace the HFT.

    Alternatively, the battery for the alarm may need changing. There's a guide about this on here, just have a search.
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    Spain Ian Pedreguer
    Thank you for this.
    Its a 2006 2.0 L iVTECH Executive (7th Generation I believe).
    Battery is now fully charged.
    I'm not using the HFT.
    I suspect I need to research the alarm battery you suggested.
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    Wow that was some test drive. :Grin:
  5. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    If it is wired up and develops the fault, it will cause a current drain.
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    Spain Ian Pedreguer
    Ah - that's useful info. Thank you.
    On a completely different topic, the audio system has a CD/AUX button.
    But what AUX options are there - because I cannot find any.
    I have an "ATRAC" (Sony) music system in my Saab which enables recording of hundreds of songs in a clever compressed format - such that we only needed 3 CD's in the car.
    I cannot find any way to record more than about 18-20 MP3's in CDA format - which appears to be the only format the Honda CD player will recognise.
    I tried recording a "Data" disc - and got 170 songs on it - but they won't play in the Honda.
    Is there any way to get another pre-recorded music format into the system - i.e. via USB stick, SD card, 3.5 mm stereo jack etc. ?
    The storage limit of 6 CD's in the changer is just not enough.
  7. Nels Moderator Staff Team

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    Spain Ian Pedreguer
    How difficult is it to remove the Radio/CD to access the port ?
    Anybody done it ?
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    Spain Ian Pedreguer
    Hmm - it seems likely that I need to do this.
    Again this morning, it wouldn't start - battery effectively flat.
    This is an almost brand new Bosch battery, correctly rated for the car, and it is clearly draining continually.
    I hoped to find the fuse which feeds it and simply remove it but I cannot track it down from the manual.
    However, I remember when I charged it the first time, the charger indicated full for a while but the next time I looked it had started charging again.
    Bearing in mind that both terminals were disconnected to guarantee no damage to the car's electronics, I now wonder if it is a faulty battery.
    That said, I would still welcome some advice on how to disconnect the HFT as we will certainly never use it.
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    United Kingdom andy shropshire
    Hello @tigmar welcome to HK mate, there is threads on here about disconnecting HFT, also it would be nice and helpful to see your Accord in club garage, here some helpful guides
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    Spain Ian Pedreguer
    Hi Andy,
    I've tried 3 times to get the car in the garage but it has always failed.
    I'll try again.
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  12. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    If you're entering the mileage, don't use any commas etc, just numbers.
    More information if available in the FAQ's or in greater detail on this guide.
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