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7th Generation (2003-2008) vehicle added by Gallu, Friday 23rd Sep, 2016

  1. Gallu New Member Getting Started

    Spain MAD
  2. Gallu New Member Getting Started

    Spain MAD
    Hi all,

    This is my recently purschased Accord Tourer 2.0. My previous car was a Civic Type-R FN2 but I sold it because I did not use it a lot. I rather use my bike for commuting so the use of the car will be on weekends or travelling.

    I wanted NA engine, japanese maker, so i went for Honda again. In fact, i have only had Hondas, first one was a Civic Coupe EJ6, the Type-R, and now the Accord. My bike is Honda too :Grin:. So i found this Accord for less than the half of what i get for the Type-R, so the saving was good too.

    So when i showed it to my friends they mocked of me :lol: I know that coming from a Type-R the Tourer is a shocking decision but i have always like the style of it unless everybody have said me!
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    Now i have the car I plan to do a few mods to make it look the way i like. No performance mods, I think they are a waste of money on this engine. Little by little I will share all of them with you.

    The first thing I did was an used set of Civic Type-R FN2 wheels. I had them on my Type-R and I loved them on the 7th Accord, so i found a set in the UK for a good price. Here in Spain the price of Honda or japanese parts is mindblowing, so even with shipping I got a bargain!
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    Then I bought, again from UK, a RHD left inner tail light to match rear symmetry beacause of ugly rear fog on one side only! Also an OEM rear spoiler. I think it was an option on prefacelift and all facelift were equipped with it?
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    Tail light installed

    Spoiler installed
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    And that's all for now. Next thing will be lowering springs to make it look sportier, and then a few little touches but I wouldn't want to spend more money on it, but you know how this car thing works! :Grin:
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  3. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
    Very nice mods mate. The spoiler is a must for the tourer.