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    i just wanted to share my thoughts on my car that i purchased in December.

    in the 6 months i have had it so far its been fantasic. its THE most comfortable car i have ever owned, everything i need and more. The engine, being a 2.4 petrol, the largest i have ever owned - the engine i have to mention. The only downside to it is that its pretty thirsty. I have managed to squeeze 320 miles out of it and i suppose that the majority of that is windy road and town driving rather than motorway, so once i have the chance for some motor way driving i can perhaps squeeze out a few more miles. However, all that is forgotten when you hear the engine tone as it revs through 1/2/3, what did Honda do there - its the most satisfying sound, love it.. i find the acelleration pull on the car is great too and find it hard to beleive the 9 second to 60 time the autobox is quoted as having - i must try and time it myself as it feels much faster!

    i have to also comment on the 4 cylinder engine - its so smooth and a number of people I've driven have assumed its a straight 6. the autobox 5 speed is also well geared and the paddle shifters give a quick response..

    my past cars include, 316i , audi 1.8t quattro a3, honda 2003 2.0l exec and i have to say - Honda has impressed me considerably and am enjoying my ride in to work more than any other car i have owned so far..

    Just wanted to share my enthusiasm !!

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    Thanks for the review Tim. :Niceone:
    It's good to know you are enjoying you CU2. :gohonda: :sparta: :gohonda:
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    Great feedback @Tim Martin :Thumbup:

    Honda's in general but especially the Accord are so underrated by people, very few actually know how great they really are.
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