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    United Kingdom Bristol
    Hi all,
    I am in Bristol and a month ago I bought my Accord 2.2, EX, I-CTDI, 86K miles, 2007.
    My last car was Avensis 2.0 D-4D 2006 and comparing with Accord can say in short- suspension of Accord is harder, but engine is better in low revs before turbo come efficient. (still can't sell the Avensis)
    Unfortunately till now I can see few big and few small issues;
    - Noisy timing chains, can't hear from inside the car but is quite annoying when window is open and passing by close objects from drivers side.
    I am not ready at the moment to invest a £1000 to change the chains.
    How long I can drive with such noisy chains?
    - A/C not working properly- blowing cold air just at passengers side.
    I have no problem starting the engine but I am not sure if glow plugs are OK. On the Avensis resistance was about 1 Ohm and thought here should be similar but when measured them all of them were different (from 2.5 to 7 Ohms) I bought from eBay just one new for try and after installed it immediately it burned out and I replaced it with old one. (the resistance of new one was as expected about 1 Ohm) I still don't know if it was fake and why blew up...
    -Fog lights both works but lenses are broken. For pre facelifts there a lot of cheep ones on eBay, but for facelift are expensive even second hand from car brakers...
    Because I am happy to care about my car myself, till now I cleaned preventive EGR, MAF, MAP and throttle body., changed one front drop link.
    Sorry for long introduction/complayns...:Smile:
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    Welcome to the forum @JapCar.

    Regular oil changes are essential for the I-CDTI engines (every 6K) to prevent chain problems. Owners that fail to do this end up causing the chain issues.
    So when buying a second hand I-CDTI you need to look out for these things and make sure the car has been rigorously serviced.

    I'll let the diesel gurus answer your questions.
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    By the way ... :garage: it helps us to help you as we can see what car you on every post you make.
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    Welcome to HK.

    Are you sure it's the chains making the noise? There are a few other things to rule out first (alternator, alternator pulley, crankshaft pulley, etc) and removing the aux belt will give a good indication about the problem being 'internal' or aux belt-related. If it is the chains then it could go on a long time without failing. As you know, there is a current thread on timing chain issues and you may get more responses by posting questions there.

    Maybe start another thread on the glowplug problem?
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    It would be worth while doing a couple of oil changes in quick succession, to try and flush/clean out the engine.
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    United Kingdom Bristol
    Yes I am sure. I removed small pulley, fitted short belt but before fit it I started the engine without belt and driver side front wheel removed...
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    Generally I know that but didn't know that particularly Accord diesel is so sensitive to oil change. The car has got service history till 2012 and probably since then oil not been changed because it was extremely black... Even immediately after I changed it, again it is quite black, hence the engine inside obviously is very dirty.
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    Yes I intended to do it but do you think it will help something for the noise or just to make retention of current condition?
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    Hello :Bye:and :welcome:to:gohonda:Karma
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