Brochures & Promo Accord Press Kit 2011

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    Another excellent resource, many thanks for sharing. :Thumbup:

    Interesting to see that they consider the competition to be the VW Passat, Audi A4 and Ford Mondeo (with which I agree) - but no mention of the BMW 3-Series or Mercedes C-Class. However, in the original 2008 press kit they say the competition is 3-series, A4 and Lexus IS.

    Was also surprised to see that they quote a retained value at 3 years / 60k at 32% of original value, far lower than most of the motoring press that usually quote 40-42% for the Accord.

    Out of interest, I went and looked at a Kia Optima yesterday. It is (I didn't drive it) pretty impressive, and very Accord like - even the electric seat controls are the same design!

    I was especially surprised by the interior quality, which felt like (more than) a match for my Accord, and that WAS a real shock for me. A contender for sure if Honda don't replace the Accord, but probably a bit too expensive and with relatively low residuals counting against it.
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