Introductions ACCORD - RAFAGA are they the same chassis?

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    Hi Everyone,

    My Names Dan, Im from the west of Ireland. I drive a 99 Milano Red EM1 Civic Coupe.

    I joined the forum in search of knowledge about the honda RAFAGA/ASCOT. Can anybody tell me if the chassis is directly related to the ACCORD. Can parts be interchanged. Finding any parts at all for the rafaga in the EU is impossible. A couple of days ago, one went up for sale in Ireland and its cheap as chips. Im half thinking of buying it as my next project. Even if i only drive it once a year. And yes i will be swapping out that nasty 5 cylinder engine out of it.

    Any information at all highly appriciated
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    Hi, welcome to the forum.

    The website anti spam rules dictate that as new forum member you can't post external links.

    So I have removed the external link but have approved the rest of your post.

    I don't know much about the Rafaga other than they are extremely rare. Hopefully someone else will be able to guide you.
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  3. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    its an old car well late 80's only sold in japan and they do not have adequate rust protection for it to last in Europe.

    That cheap as chips car may be a rust bucket too do your homework

    The engine G series has nothing in common with other Honda engine series since its longitudinally mounted :Wink:

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    haha, you've seen the same advert on donedeal I have then.

    Questions about the car seem to be popping up on all the local forums.
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    Anyone with the ability to post this thread can you do so .. lets have a look at this bargain.