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    Ben Nottingham
    Hi All

    Following some advice from a fellow HK'er last year I picked up a set of x4 Mazda RX8 5 spokes. I'm about get them powder coated but before I do I need to purchase some tyres so they can fit them for me afterwards (foc).

    My RX8 wheels have the following markings;

    J18 x 8JJ 50

    The tyres which are currently fitted are what I believe are referred to as staggered;

    255/40ZR18 x2
    225/45/R18 x2

    I understand that the new wheels will have slight 'poke' due to the difference in offset which after calculation seems fine and looks ok after some guestimation.


    1. What size tyres will suit my car best
    2. Where is the cheapest place to buy car tyres online
    3. Do I need to do anything with the speedometer

    My main goal is better looks as opposed to out n out performance as I've currently got 16s fitted which look like buttons.

    I've got a Parrot Asteroid Smart on its way to me so eventually can use its built in Torque app for a speedo but this will take a while to install as I've got to find a decent amount of time to do this.

    All help great fully received!

  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Hi Ben

    I would say go for 225/45/R18 there are loads of deals to be had on this tyres online so do you homework, But you will need spigot rings( Metal preferable) for the RX8 alloys to mount correctly on the hubs.
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    Ben Nottingham
    Already got some spigot rings along with the correct type of angled nut as Honda use the ball type end whereas Mazda don't.

    I've seen a website called Mr Tyre who look reasonable but what others do folk like to use?