Service & Maintenance Accord Saloon Rear Brake Calliper Bolt

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    Hi Guys

    Quick Question, can someone confirm the size of the rear brake calliper slider bolt.
    Did the brakes today and one of the calliper bolt heads sheared of on the slider :Frown:

    It would seem the garage who did the brakes previously tighten them up to tight :Frown:
    All the other brakes are done and managed to strip and clean the others successfully although i do think the rear pistons are slightly seized as it was really hard to wind them in. Handbrake seems ok though so will hold out for now on new rear calipers

    Had a look at lings and the calliper sliders aren't available separately and you have to buy it with the carriers

    Found this from BigRED brakes, will this be ok?

    Cheers guys
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  2. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    That looks about right.

    I recently bought some refurbed rear calipers for my Accord, after handing over mine, it only costs £50 (for both sides).
    They are going well so far

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    Thanks @SpeedyGee
    Have emailed the seller on the calliper slider bolt too to make doubly sure

    Wow! £50 for both sides. That's incredible value.
    Thanks for the link. Will hold on to it and look into that when I am ready.

    I paid over £200 for the rear callipers for the Prelude 3 years ago from brakes international but I suppose not many people have Preludes so the callipers cost more