Electrical & Lights Accord Tourer 2006 Tailgate and Battery Issues

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    Neil Burgess hill
    Hi I have been reading the thread about tailgate problems on accord tourers with great interest as I am having a few problems with mine. Symptoms r as follows.

    By the way my car is a 2006 diesel tourer 2.2

    If u use the button next to the steering wheel to open the tailgate, it goes up & when it gets to the top bleeps once & then comes back down & locks.

    If you use the button on the key fob the boot it goes up beeps once & comes back down, although every once in a while it will stay up for a little while & then drop, it then drives it's self back down but does not lock fully, u have to lift it slightly & then do a sort of little slam to lock it by hand.

    I'm hoping you may going to possibly say oh yeah it's probably such & such & prahaps I can try it & it may sort it out :Smile:

    The other thing I was wondering was could this be something to do with the gas struts being on there way out ?

    Ps I have not yet had time to check & clean all the sensors & latch assembly.

    Phew and now onto the other bit !!

    I am also having another problem which I have as of yet to be able to find much info on & I'm not sure weather it could possibly be linked to the tailgate issue ?

    What is happening is the battery is discharging whilst the car is not in use over night or a few nights. I fully charge it put it back into the car and within about 3 to 4 days it dies when u start the car.

    I know everyone will say knackered battery or alternator not charging the battery, but both of these have been checked & they are fine, yet it would appear something is still draining the charge from the battery whilst the car is standing not being used.

    Oh & I have checked that no lights r being left on as well !!

    Hopefully you may have some ideas on this which I can investigate & hopefully get to the bottom of this cos it's driving me nuts !!

    Will have to do all work/investigation myself if poss cos a bit strapped at the mo to go taking the car to a dealership, due to loads of unseen problems with the car after buying it recently !!!

    Cheers & looking forward to hopefully getting some input

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    Hi Neil when you are operating the power tailgate is your car on a flat ground and not on an incline.? If it on a flat surface then we need to read the codes on the ECU to ensure there is no electrical fault causing this .. if there are no odd electrical DTC's then your gas struts are weak and they cannot support the weitht of the tailgate.

    Search for a thread on here there is a step by step guide in how to replace them.

    As for the battery get the battery checked out first and see if the cells are good or duff, the fact it good for three day and then dead means there is a potential parasitic drain, the usual suspect is a fault HFT aka Honda Hands Free Telephone. module which drains the battery, this is located under the center dash console where the central LED for the aircon is.

    Is your HFT working? if it isn't then you can be sure its need replacing.
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    Hi thanks for the reply. The car is on a flat surface & the tailgate is still a problem. On the weekend when it was up I just tried very lightly pushing down on it to see how much resistance there was from the gas struts & it was very easy to push down, hardly any resistance at all. With this in mind I have ordered some new gas struts & will get them fitted in the next couple of weeks using the really good post that someone has put on showing how to do it :Smile:

    Question, is it expensive to have the codes read ? Also is it possible that the weak struts could be could be stoping the latch from locking properly as it is not pulling the tailgate into the fully locked position, you have to lift it slightly & then do a little slam to lock it down :-/

    With regard to the HFT the answer is don't know as I haven't tried it. At the risk of sounding thick, does the car have it's own built in Bluetooth connection which is something to do with the HFT ? The reason I ask is that the previous owner has had a Bluetooth box fitted just in the pocket at he bottom of the centre console.

    Any ideas how much a new HFT module costs ?

    I really hope it's not to much as this car is absolutely crippling us since we brought it recently, which I'm gutted about as I've always wanted one & thought they were mega reliable, but unfortunately not the case with this one. We are up to nearly £2000 in repairs now on top of the £4500 cost of the car :-(

    Cheers all - any input very welcome

    Ps anyone know of any good reliable reasonably priced garages near burgess hill in West Sussex ??