Body, Paint & Styling Accord Tourer rear seat folding mechanism sticking

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    When operating the folding mechanism for the rear 2/3 seat back section, the lower seat base fails to lift preventing the seat back from being lowered.
    Note : This symptom affects leather seats only, cloth seats are not affected.

    Contact between the seat base cushion and the side bolster prevents the seat base lifting.
    Contact point shown below.

    sticky tourer rear seats 1.

    Repair Method
    Lubricate the seat base cushion and side bolster as described below.

    1. Lift the lower seat base, use the sponge pad to apply Krytox to the outer edge of the seat base as shown below.
    Note : Apply Krytox only to leather material, do not apply on seat cloth.

    sticky tourer rear seats 2.

    2. Apply Krytox to the base of the seat side bolster and seat slide cover as shown below.

    sticky tourer rear seats 3.

    Note : If a shiny residue is left by the Krytox this can be easily removed by rubbing gently with a soft dry cloth.

    Parts Information Krytox: 79999-SN7-000
    Kit contains sponge applicator and bottle of krytox. One kit should be sufficient to treat a minimum of ten vehicles.

    I am lead to believe only dealers have Krytox with them, you can get them on ebay search for DuPont GPL 205 Krytox Performance Grease
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    had this problem, i used a leather cleaner and shine from a colleague who keeps horses, and it worked for me. One thing you have to watch out for is to keep the seatbelt buckles free from the seat gap (back and base) so they don't get trapped preventing use.
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    Mine is stuck on one side, but it's not due to the bolster or any rubbing. Some one mentioned that there's a gas strut, and on the working side you can see some kind of rod being pushed to flip the seat up... But I was unsure as to the mechanism.... Does anyone have a diagram how it all goes together along with relevant part numbers please?