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    tonygw submitted a new guide:

    Accord tourer tailgate lock adjust / replace - CM2

    Check the full guide here.
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    Bud is your outer handle on the tailgate stuck they have a habit of sticking as the road traffic debris jams the outer handle.That causes the lock mechanism to get into the alarmed\locked status via the sensor. If you free it with WD40 you can mitigate the above process.
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    Great guide Tony
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    Hope the guide is useful :Smile:
    I certainly give the handle a bit of WD40 to but its seems to be moving freely as have used it a few times, but you never know. Cheers
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    Ben Nottingham

    Thought I'd tag my query onto this as it may be the same fault I experienced yesterday evening.

    Driving about normally using the boot at various different locations sometimes manually and sometimes electrically and suddenly found that I could not close and secure the tailgate as per usual.

    The lock / catch would not operate meaning that the tailgate was unsecure and I got a warning light on the dash for both open and fault. My basic OBD dongle / torque combo was unable to read any codes as well. Got home and tested it and the catch did seem a bit stiff (handle ok) but forgot about this after reading lots of internet based horror stories and taking the tailgate trim off to see whats what. Simultaneously I also did a full reset which cleared the fault and allowed the lock to operate.

    Reading your post above I'm begining to wonder if its the catch 'catching' making the code come up and the car not lock itself - any thoughts?

    We are using the car on Friday to drive to France so the timing of this issue couldn't be better....

    Thanks - Ben
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    Yeah its possible.
    I actually got into the boot and closed the tailgate by hand to try to eye up the latch to the locking bar on the boot floor to see how the two aligned. It was then I could see they were slightly out of line which was causing the whole tailgate to shift slightly to the right (when standing behind the car) as it locked.

    Just another thought.
    The closer unit (electronic locking mechanism in tailgate) can fail though. I believe there are also varisou lock position sensors within the unit that tell the ECU what position the lock is when combined to the tailgate position. If one of these didnt send the right signal at the right time the ECU could have got confused hence why it wouldn't lock and flashed the error code.

    To check the tailgate lock position I would stand behind the car and carefully watch the right hand side or left hand side of the talgate as it locks to see if there is any shift in the tailgate. This would indicate a none aligned tailgate lock.

    Good luck.
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    Ben Nottingham
    Many thanks - I'm still in the 'praying' camp at the moment but will check it out along with the WD40 method.

    Worst case scenario is bungee chord and towbar mount - luckily I'm in rural France so can risk leaving her unlocked if the worst happens. Not looking forward to the possibility of using the the internal release what with having a dog cage to crawl through first....
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    no crawling through a dog cage wouldn't be fun, WD40 may work and you might be lucky.

    I have heard of people tying some string to the internal release and leave it dangling out the back for manual release if it helps? Never tried so not sure if it works or not.
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    Ben Nottingham
    Good thinking batman however mine failed open last time so in that instance I'd be ok as long as the tailgate was kept safe