Brochures & Promo Accord Type-S in Fast Car Magaizne's 15 Best Performance Diesel Cars

Discussion in '8th Generation (2008-2015) [Acura TSX]' started by John Dickson, Sunday 27th Jul, 2014.

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    A super hero :neo:
    No, not him. The Type-S :Devil:
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    The diesel feels better than the 2.4?
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    Don't let CJ catch you saying that! :lol:

    Seriously, I miss my petrol Accord refinement. Yes the I-DTEC is the most refined diesel I've driven but I miss the i-VTEC refinement. There is still a slight agricultural feel to the 2.2iDTEC. At cruising speeds it's possible to forget it's a DERV but going through the gears it's all too obvious still to me. Better than any other diesel I've driven but it's still obvious. I still can't get used to the clutch action. It feels all springy and it's all to easy to judder into motion whereas the petrol Accord is just pure silky smooth take up and it wafts along.

    Will be back to petrol next time me thinks as it's more economical to run and makes better financial sense to me. Long runs in I-DTEC I might catch a glimpse of 55MPG but 2.0 petrol does 45MPG on same run and that's a car that's cheaper to buy and cheaper for the fuel.
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    ^^To be fair to the writer in the article, he is comparing a manual Type-S diesel with an auto 2.4 petrol, and notes that the sports suspension makes a difference too.

    I haven't driven a petrol powered Accord for years (and that was a 7th Generation 2.4) so can't really comment. What I do know is that the I-DTEC with an auto gearbox is perfectly suited to long motorway trips - quiet, refined, and economical - the very low revving engine, with less vibration (actually no vibration!) than other diesels I have driven at motorway speeds being the key.
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    The Type-s has the same Sports suspension as the other cars. Its Only the bottom oft the range ES that has Standard suspension and 16" wheels. May be the journalist doesn't know what hes talking about?

    I wouldn't mind driving a 2.4 to see how different they are. If anyone wants to pop round and go for a drive I've a great route by me :Grin:
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    I could smoke a 8th Generation ATS in my 2.4 manual all day long .. fast diesels baah. :gotcha:
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    ^^The evidence would suggest so. I didn't realise they were wrong about the suspension, I just assumed the Type-S would have something different :Blushing:

    Add to that their comment that the 2.4 i-VTEC is only available as an closed!
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    I drove a Civic 2.2 I-DTEC for a while but was glad to get back in my 2.4.
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    Fast diesels - fast convincing me back to petrol. :vtec: :vtec: :vtec: :vtec: :vtec: :vtec: :vtec: :vtec: :vtec: :vtec::vtec::vtec::vtec::vtec::vtec::vtec:

    VTEC Economy AND refinement and no need to change gear billions of times
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    A motoring journalist who doesn't know what they're talking about. No change there then.
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    Really fast Diesels are called I-CDTI :smoke::