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  1. Anyone owned both?

    Which do you prefer and why?
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    Yes, had an FK1 2007 till November last year and we still own an FK1 2008 (wife).
    FK1 = 1.4 I-DSI 5DR petrol.
    Depends on what you're looking for. The Civic I'm comparing the Accord with is underpowered. And that's an understatement. It's possible I would not have bought the Accord if I would have owned an FK2 1.8 petrol.
    I did not swapped the Civic for the Accord because of more space in Accord. It's the engine, and only the engine that seduced me.
    Something deep inside me always said: man, one day you need to drive a 2.0 16V....(petrol of course). I had this illness in me since I was a kid and did not even had a driver license.
    For city driving, fuel consumption, parking and overall budget (price, taxes, insurance) the Civic is to be preferred. And perhaps, yes perhaps the Civic feels a bit sportier when cornering hard. But that's the only thing she's better at.
    For all the rest: Accord is better!! Somebody else has other thoughts?

    Edit: here you see the Civic's.
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    I've got an Accord 2.4 (CL9), a 5 door 1.6 Civic (EU8) and I've also got a Civic Type-R (EP3).

    They all do well their own jobs really well. The Accord has plenty of luxury, fully loaded all the gadgets cons going at the time, nice chunky leather seats. Fantastic for long distance driving, a pleasure on motorways.

    The 5 door Civic is a work horse, does the job for school runs and shopping trips.

    The Civic Type-R again a different beast, a great fun car.

    My personal preference is the Accord, the Type-R is fun for the weekends but I will sell it in the couple of months. The 5 door Civic is te wifes, I drive it when need arises but I would easily prefer mine over this.
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    I have owned 5 Civics and 2 Accords, the earliest being a 1998 Civic 1.4 and the latest being an ES GT 2.2 DTEC (2009) accord.
    The best Civic I had was a 2009 ctdi 2.2 diesel ES which I found to be good on fuel , with a reasonable amount of torque and comfortable to drive . I enjoyed driving this car on winding welsh roads.
    The ES GT Accord was a brilliant looking car, with comfortable seats but I found the road holding a bit lacking due to its size and I found the low profile tyres fed the slightest road imperfection through to the cabin giving a harsh ride. I loved the torque that the DTEC engine produced . I also felt that ,for a large car, the Accord lacked space for rear passengers .
    The final death knell for the Accord was the DPF , due to my low mileage.
    I now have a petrol CR-V which is brilliant in all respects ( except perhaps it lacks the torque of the DTEC engine).
    Mike c