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    Hi all,

    My Accord was hit by another driver Monday night, and his insurance company has decided to write it off, looking for some advice..
    Given the damage was down the both OS doors and the wing, is it worth considering a buy back (approx £167) with the current payout proposal £2035.

    Is that valuation fair?

    What would the resale value be if I repaired it myself?

    IMG_0055.JPG IMG_0056.JPG IMG_0057.JPG IMG_0067.JPG IMG_0073.JPG
  2. ChrisKnottIns Site Partner Trader

    Have they classed it as a Cat N write-off or a Cat S?

    To get an idea of the value of the vehicle pre-accident simply look on Autotrader etc and find other examples with similar spec and mileage. If you've got receipts for any additional work you've had done or modifications made you can produce those too to ensure you get a fair settlement figure. Does the £167 come off the £2035 or is that what's left after salvage retention?
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    Haven't yet been advised if it\s Cat N or S.

    So few Accords listed on Autotrader and the like, let alone EX mocels with Sat Nav so struggling to get a good picture in my head if the valuation is fair or not.
  4. ChrisKnottIns Site Partner Trader

    Does Parkers Guide give you an idea?
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    How bad are the door dents? If it was mine I'd be inclined to buy it back buff the plastic off the doors and either buy a wing from a breakers or get the one you have repaired.
    The damage doesn't look that bad from the pics you have, mostly plastic transfer from the bumper.
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    I've already been offfered the loan of a dent puller which would get the worst of the doors done, and as you say, I think the worst of the scrapes is paint scrubbed off the other vehicles bumper.. Whilst it won't be perfect I could live ith it, wing I'd bide my time and find a decent condition one alread painted black..

    If done properly a quality local bodyshop has roughly estimated £995 for the three panels. and I've possibly already found suitable panels and for much less than having it pulled and repainted..
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    Ireland Huan County Cork
    If you like the car then keep it!
    Its only really light cosmetic damage to my eyes nothing serious or structural that I can see unless the wheel took a knock.
    Once you remove the labour costs of painting then it becomes a lot cheaper, labour is the killer. Hours to fill, sand and spray doesn't come cheap.