Honda Tuning Magazine Acura Integra Type-R Ownership - The "R" Experience

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    An insider's look at the highs and lows of ITR ownership.

    As you know the ITRCA has for years represented not only an established network of Type-R owners in the United States, but with it comes an almost AAA like free insurance from the friends and family of both past and present ITR owners. Never in my life did I dream that in 2004 when I attended my very first ITR Expo that I was joining the single best fraternity of friends who can be recognized by a distinctly shaped and colored capital letter R. The camaraderie, for lack of a word that means far more, has continued to blow my mind over and over again throughout the years. I often find myself trying to explain to others how unique the relationships that we've formed really are. I'm not sure, however, that it's something you can quite comprehend until you have been affected by it directly.

    "R" Experience

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