Engine & Gearbox ADAS - adaptive cruise control - Lane Keep Assist

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    Simon Walsall
    Hello everyone

    In which year did the ADAS option (adaptive cruise control(ACC) and Lane Keep Assist(LKA) ) become available.
    What was the earliest year when this option would have been available. My understanding (& and I maybe wrong here) is that it was available from 2005 and onwards?

    And which models & specs is it available on?

    Was it as option that had to be specified (and cost), or did it come as standard on certain models?

    - Anyone used the ACC & what do you think of it. Does the car try to slow down by reducing the fuel supply fisrt, or does it just slam the brakes on?

    - As for the LKA, anyone used it, and what do you think of it?
    does it only work on motorways?
    Will it work on country A roads.
    Does it turn the steering wheel by itself, or does it just give an audible warning?
    How does it perform in the dark? (is it as accurate in the dark as it is during daylight).
    How does it perform in heavy rain? (is the camera's view of the road impaired).
    And the worst case scenario, how does it perform in the dark and heavy rain?
    I guess no one has tried when the road markings are covered with snow.... :Smile:
    Do you need to have both hands on the steering wheel in certain positions (i.e. 3 & 9 o'clock), or can you just have one hand on the steering wheel. My understanding is that it will cancel itself if the steering wheel is not held.
    The Honda video says it provides 80% of the torque to the steering wheel and 20% comes from the driver, not sure what that means. Is it the case that the driver still needs to apply some of the force to turn the steering wheel?

    Are there any visible signs that tell you whether a car has the ACC & LKA?

    Thanks for reading.
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    You see a camera next to the centre mirror and also a different badge on the front. Also you'll see the buttons on the steering wheel.

    See this thread for some more info http://hondakarma.com/threads/51/
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    Hallo Hondream,

    ADAS first made its debut on the Legend KB1 then it was passed down to the 7th Generation Accord 2006 onwards, then 9th Generation Civic and also the current 4th Generation CR-V

    On the 7th Generation ADAS only came on the facelift cars on two specific models only as a factory option, infact all ADAS are factory fit option dealers can't retro fit into a car without ADAS.

    On the 7th Generation ADAS was only fitted to the CL9 and CM2 with automatic gearboxes and Ex trim with the 2.4 Petrol engine.This was between 2006 till 2008 when the production stopped.

    Its only with the advent of the 8th Generation ADAS was supplied on box manual and automatic trim again on the EX ans Type-S trims.

    The cost is currently 2000 plus pounds at the time of ordering the car.

    I use ACC and its a brilliant tool take the stress of driving or getting too close to the vehicle in front and when the obstruction moves away it resumes at the preset speed and preset distance you set. ACC is not a fuel efficiency tool rather than drive aid, it does not slam on brakes unless the obstruction get in front too quickly.... or you forget to disable it and accelerate past the preset and get too close to a vehicle it will get its anchor down in a safe manner.

    LKAS brilliant tool provided the white line are there and clear it works perfectly you can deviate off course it will try to correct it. It will work on motorways A roads and yes the correction are minimal and you get audio and visual prompts on the i-MID

    Visual signs are black enamel casing (H sign) for the ACC radar on the grill a camera near the rear view mirror.

    I would also look at these threads to get your information topped up!

    2013 Honda Accord Technologies

    Please also could you update your profile as per this thread http://hondakarma.com/posts/53985/
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    Simon Walsall
    Thanks for all the replies.

    @Ichiban - Sorry, I didn't mean to say does it slam the brakes on. What I meant was does it copy human behaviour; that is, a person driving would first take their foot of the accelerator (if they sensed they were not maintaining the correct distance from the car in front), and if that didn't correct the distance then they would try the brakes (first gently and later aggressively). Does the ACC act in this way or does it go straight for the brakes, either gently or aggressively depending on the urgency of the situation.

    So under normal motorway driving, if the ACC sensed that I was getting slowly (i.e. not an emergency) getting nearer to the car in front, would it just reduce/stop the fuel supply (i.e. take the foot of the accelerator) first and see if that corrected the situation. I think this what most humans would do first.

    Thanks - sorry for the confusion
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    You could also get ADAS on the 2008+ EX GT I-DTEC according to the brochure.

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    Simon Walsall
    Thanks for your replies. I have some more questions, if i may :Smile:

    Is the ADAS the same on the 7th and 8th generation Accords (in terms of ACC and LKA)?
    or does the 8th generation Accords have more features/functions.

    Does the LKA require 2 road markings (one on either side to work)?
    Will the LKA still work if it only detects a road marking on the drivers side?

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    Yes 8th Generation has lighter\smaller and more refined components like you would expect as things are improved.. but overall software and use is the same.

    same with minor tweak is any

    the camera is in the near the rear view mirror so it has a central view of the road marking even when LKAS is not in use the camera is still scanning. read the articles I posted