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    One for the ADAS crew that I have been meaning to ask for ages until the idea popped back into my brain.

    When you guys activate ADAS, do you feel that your steering wheel and traction hardens up and gets more "grippy" as in - more planted to the road?

    It feels a heck of a lot different without ADAS on and the car is a lot more surefooted and firm.

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    Its the same for me bud no loss of traction off or on, what I do find with ADAS turned on you should not fight the steering too much. Let the EPS do the torque steering with minimal input from only for slight correction if its deviates or cannot see the white road marking.

    If you do tend to fight when in ADAS mode you will come across a drunk driver weaving around like a idiot which will attract attention to you.
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    I don't fight the steering, but you can definitely notice that it stiffens up when activate, even with a minor tug for corrective purposes.

    I left the ADAS on during some A-road travel today, it was superb. Granted, it couldn't see the left had white lines (cos there arent any!) but the rigidity and sharpness was spot on.

    Saying that, I had a go on a (puke) Insignia the other day that has a similar lane system etc with a front camera - it was pathetic. It never managed to stay straight beyond three seconds, it was lame and rubbish. I suspect that the German makers will have inferior set ups as well - the Honda ADAS system is a class above and beyond. Everyone else is playing catch up to Honda - no matter what people say. :Thumbup:
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