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    Just bought a Thule Bike Rack to fit the towball of my F-RV. With the tailboard lights plugged in to the 7-pin socket the audible left / right indicator warning changes from the standard 'tick tock' to an unmissable 'beep beep'. It's handy to know that things are still connected up behind. Can't find reference to this in the towing section of the owner's manual - is this old hat to the rest of you out there ?
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    Where is Beefy and Chris when you need them. Sorry mate don't have anything to do with shed pulling attachments.

    If these two bright sparks turn up I will put in my list of to do stuff.

    Daft thing is the bulb in the rack OK don't know if it makes the noise as a warning its a fused :Unknown:
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    Hah ... Thanks IchibanAccord, well, all the lights seem to be working ok from an external check. I'm maybe being ignorant, but taking it as a positive confirmation of lights in order - if I don't plug the thing in firmly, ie. no lights working on tailboard, no loud beep ..
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    Most decent towing wiring kits include a bulb warning circuit for the indicators. I have a feeling it's a directive from our overpaid friends in Brussels. Certainly the last few I've installed have had this feature.
    It's actually a good idea.
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    Wow - aha - so that's it - never stop learning. Thanks RobB.
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    No probs mate.