Aftermarket Kit Adding on a Trip computer for MPG Data

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    ODB2 for MPG readings and more

    Bought a 53 2.2 I-CTDI recently been thinking of installing one of these ODB2 tools that send data to an android phone for readings including real time MPG here's a youtube video of Tourque for Andrioid and OBD2 bluetooth adapter. Anybody had experience of this or if 04 Accord support this
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  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    I think this has been done before , and its pretty straight forward give it a go.
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    Don`t we already have one? Think its easier to use my Android app and a lot more accurate.
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    Yeh i've ordered ODB2 bluetooth adapter of ebay for around £11 going to set it up with an Android phone. Might make a video and post it up
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    Let us know how you get on as i would also like to see what information the software can decode :Wink:
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    I have the app and the blue tooth connector (as shown on the video) for OBD on my 2011 2.0 petrol. Used it before on my Civic 2007. Works flawless and the settings and info you can get are countless. You can even see where you drove afterwards and put almost any value (speed, engine temp, throttle, ...) on the map.
    There's only one value I can not get on the app: the engine oil temperature! If anybody knows how to get this on this app. Would be great. You can give in yourself any formula, but I don't seem to find the correct formula for oil temp, or maybe Honda does not give it via this protocol. It's anyhow measured because you do get the oil temp via the original Honda HDS diagnostic software. The sensor is integrated in the oil level sensor.
    If anybody has any question about this: feel free.
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    This is a great idea, I'd like to monitor the MPG in my 2.4, let me know how you get on. I think I might purchase too so I can add my results!
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    do they do these for iphones and where do you plug them in?
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    Don't know anything about Apples (apart from the high price :Wink:), but for Android it's called 'Torque OBD check' (4,95 euro). Would surprise me if a similar app would not be available for Apple.
    The OBD connector is usually on knee height. In our Civic 2008 it's at my right hand knee, in my Accord 8th Generation it's at my left hand knee. Both are LHD.
    I once owned a Renault, and they hided it in the glove compartment. On some models you might need to remove a small cover.
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    Typical of the Apple overlords, the bluetooth protocol is tied down.

    So it won't talk to any OBD devices, therefore you won't find the Torque app on iPhone.
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    I am sure if i could download the app on my wifes samsung galaxy tablet that I am sure is android