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    Hi guys,

    I wonder if anyone can help? (I have tried the search box!)

    I want to add photos onto my garage (i know i have been a member for awhile and not done it yet) but my jpeg photos are approx 5mb and I know the limit is I believe 2mb, can I compress them or is there any other way?

    Be gentle with me as I am a pc clutz so no technical jargon or pc wizzardry?

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    Using any kind of image program on your computer you can resize the images and save them to reduce the overall file size. You can also use a service such as Pic Resize to do it online, click the "Quick Resize" option and under "Max Filesize" set 2048KB, hopefully that should do the job :Smile:
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    Many thanks Nels and DD followed your advice and all sorted!
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    No worries. Good to hear you're now an IT guru :Grin:
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    I wish!
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    We've all got to start some where and I know there's more that I don't know than I do.
    I just try and learn a little bit more as I can.
    Trouble is, the grey matter isn't as good as it used to be :Unknown: