Aftermarket Kit Adjustable replacement head rest for 2004 exec seats

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    Anyone know of an adjustable headrest that will fit a 2004 tourer? Find that my head is too far back with the factory one and uncomfortable on longer journeys. Doesnt have to be honda although audi is a definate no (5mm out on post spacing)
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    Just move your backrest a few mm's the clearance you need will be gained. Simple . I doubt there is an adjustable headrest made due to legislation and safety aspect you don't want the racket to come lose in event of collision leaving the head restraint ineffective and you suffer serious spinal injury.
    I strongly suggest play with the setting on your seat until you find the optimal setting which works for you. Weigh up the pro and cons and safety if you still want to go down the after market route.
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    **delayed replyy**. Ended up getting a Civic headrest. Has more of a forward slant and does the job perfectly!!
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