Off-Topic Adjusting titanium glasses frames?

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    Is it possible to do it yourself without the possibility of snapping them (very slight bending)? Reason I ask is because I have seen people who have completely snapped their frames in their attempts while other titanium frames are naturally bendable.

    The manufacturer's description isn't very helpful:
    Item Details

    • Brand: HUGO Hugo Boss
    • Model / Item: HUGO 0096
    • Selected Colour: 003
    • Product Type: Prescription Glasses
    • Product SKU: ss548.48
    • Suitable for Men
    • Ready for Single Vision Lenses
    • Ready for Bifocal Lenses
    • Ready for Varifocal/Multifocal Lenses
    I would ask the opticians who tested my eyes but I bought these online at almost half the price I was quoted in store so I'm not sure they'll bother helping me.

    Many thanks
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    CL, did you find any answer for this ?
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    I've looked online but there are too many varying answers. Asked over the phone but the places I asked will only take it on a no compensation basis as I cannot determine whether they are memory titanium glasses, bendable titanium etc. I'm going to ask the manufacturer but so far I've only found a German telephone number.