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    This looks like good news for the forum!! Hopefully if you give them a go , you will get a good deal!! Would be interested to hear everyone's feedback!
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    United Kingdom Brum
    I tried them recently,did their on line form but never heard back from them or got a quote.
    Tried ringing them but was waiting in a queue for about 15 minutes on numerous occasion and then gave up and looked elsewhere.
    Just renewed my policy but will give them a go next year.
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    Sorry to say but heard nothing but disasters from AF. I wouldn't even have insurance off them for free after they way they treated a close friend after he was hit by a boy racer. AF aren't all that I'm afraid.
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    Aren't Andrian Flux just a broker and your policy is someone else? Im sure my mate had his xr2 with them but the policy came through with a company that Id never heard of. They wouldnd touch me at 22 on an import car so went to tesco instead. That was 12 years ago though.
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    did my renewal yesterday with AxA very competitive at £271 thanks to the wife being added. Didn't try these but also not heard any bad of them
    worth a try next year me thinks
    well done getting someone onboard with the club another little bit of the jigsaw in place :Smile: excellent

    OOps £276 not £271 ! Typo :Whistle:
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    Things must have changed quite a bit judging on your feedback so far!!