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    Dan Norfolk
    Adrian Flux Spring Forum Competition
    We feel it’s time for another competition for April and May, but this time with a very unique prize up for grabs for all you car fans out there.
    Chances are if you’ve been to a car show or event in the last few years, you would have seen Ian from http:/ creating stunning artwork with the help of his remote control cars. If not, give his website a look!
    Well, normally Ian’s artwork is reserved for the big manufacturers and hang proudly in their HQ’s but for Adrian Flux, Ian has kindly agreed to commission a piece of artwork for the winner of our comp.
    The final piece of artwork will be 2 and a half metres long by 1 and a half metres tall, so not small. The piece can be of any car the winner decides but it must be a car.
    So, here’s how to enter:
    Using no more than 250 words on this post reply, describe the car you would like Pop Bang Colour to paint for you and why it holds a special place in your heart. This could be your first car, your dream car, basically any car that has a back story.
    From all entries across the forums this competition post is featured, 2 people from the Adrian Flux Forum team and Ian himself will select the winning entry they feel is the most original and interesting.
    2 runners up will win a print of their choice from PopbangColour - The Shop
    Good luck.
    1 entry per person only
    No insurance quotation necessary
    Open to both current and non Adrian Flux customers
    The competition is open from 9am 31st March until 9am 31st May
    1 winner and two runners up will be selected from all entries from all participating forums and announced at the start of June 2016.
    The winner will be contacted via PM on the forum. Should there be no reply after 7 days; a different winner will be selected.
    UK residents only
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    United Kingdom JayG London
    I would love Popbangcolour to paint a 1971 Karmann Ghia Coupe.

    The reason for this is that it was always my dream car (after resigning myself to the fact that I’ll never be in a position to own a Porsche 356) and has been one of my only dreams that have been realised.

    After owning a string of vehicles that were bought more out of necessity or easily acquired, I set off researching and saving for a Karmann Ghia. There were moments where I almost bailed out early and bought a Beetle, but I was focused on a Ghia.

    I found a respected imported and agreed a price and the hunt was on for a coupe from California. Primrose, was found and brought over and proved to be an extremely reliable daily driver for me for 13 years.

    Unfortunately, after moving to London, my need for a car and ability to cover parking costs as well as rent to keep a roof over my head decreased. This, combined with sudden redundancy, meant that I had to sell her. She is still fondly remembered by family and friends alike and Primrose will always remain my special car.

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