General Advice and opinions on Tein Comfort Sports upgrade

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    Hi all.

    I am currently experiencing a horrible mid life crisis :hippie: and in the process am looking to make any changes to my Legend that are possible.

    One of the options presented to me is the Tein comfort sports system.

    I have a few apprehensions that I hope someone can give me a little advice.

    1) For a car like the Legend will it look out of place? Do not want it to look like I can't afford a Porsche and so I'm pretending my Legend is a sports car.
    2) if I lower the car will it suit?
    3) Am I likely to experience more bother such as problematic tyre wear and tracking issues etc
    4) Is there greater maintenance involved compared to stock?

    Many thanks is advance to all replies.

    Ta very much.

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    Depends how much you lower it, usually it can make it look good if your lessening the arch gap, but sometimes it can look odd especially if it has wheels that are a bit small. You are also going to sacrifice some comfort.

    It depends exactly what you want from the car, these cars were built for comfort and cruising, they are big and heavy, they handle well and go well, but at the end of the day will never be a sports car. If it was my money I would keep it stock and true to its purpose.
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