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    Hello everyone, long time no post/read.

    I seek your advice/assistance. I would like to replace the useless 3rd party radio/DVD player a previous owner installed and if possible add a reverse parking camera. I won't be able to do the work myself, my local garage will have to do that, but I'd like to take advantage of any advice/experience.

    Here's a link to my introduction post from 2 years ago for background information in case that helps.
    Hi from a UK newbie CR-V owner (Introductions - )

    I use a TomTom Start 20 Sat Nav for my sins and am happy with that, so I don't actually need a system including a sat nav, but I wouldn't be against it. The current system is an Airspeed DV720, which is a radio, CD/DVD player. The radio has never produced anything but static, whether it needs a new antenna or a booster will need to be resolved. The CD/DVD player is okay, but is quite noisy when powered up. Not nice. I wouldn't mind something that handles mp3s. I don't need telephone connectivity, I don't use a phone while driving. I have seen Koolertron systems that look nice but are unreliable. Will an original factory-fitted model sound system/sat nav system do the job?

    I'd really like to have a reverse parking camera fitted, that would be an absolute boon. An infotainment system that integrates with such a device would be great if possible.

    So if anyone could recommend systems that meet my requirements or come near, i would be most grateful. This vehicle model (2002 - 02 plate) doesn't have steering wheel controls of any kind for the audio; I imagine it would be complex and expensive to try and fit something, if it were available that would upgrade for that functionality.

    In the 2 years I've had this vehicle, it's been thoroughly reliable, returning on average 26mpg mainly urban, short trips with occasional motorway journeys. A week or so ago, I managed a trip up country for the first time in decades, and I am close to averaging 30mpg over the last few tanks. Pretty good considering I don't drive as economically as perhaps I could - it's amazing how easy it is to inadvertently exceed the speed limit on the motorway in the outside lane - ahem, hypothetically speaking of course. Whilst my condition still allows me to drive, I would like to improve the experience and perhaps make more journeys. I've covered 4,300 odd miles thus far, and after my recent outing would be keen get out the house a bit more.

    As an aside I thoroughly recommend this vehicle to folk with mobility issues, it's changed my life. Anyhow I digress. I hope I manage to post this appropriately and that folk have useful advice. Thank you for reading.
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    Good to hear that she is serving you well.

    There's so many choices for after market head units it's hard to advice on one particular one. Just Google head units that have a the list of features your after, narrow down the list to half a dozen or so and then go by budget you have set for it and reviews you can find on the shortlisted ones, to decide what to go for.
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    OK then, after extensive searches here and further afield on the web and particularly after reading this post from Doc Reversing camera I think I won't pursue this any further. Too much effort and expense for little gain.

    I think I'll just consider adding parking camera (wired or wifi?) possibly sensors (front and back?) and of course what type of viewing option, LCD screen and where to mount on the 2002 SE, or a rear mirror option?

    Thus far I haven't found any articles on anyone having experience of fitting to a 2002 model, am thinking of the offset rear number plate and spare wheel, how do they affect the camera placing, if at all? Again if anyone has insight into this I'd be grateful to hear from you. Otherwise I'll have to wing it, oh dear. :shock:
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    You should be able install a Double Din head unit in your CR-V right ?

    Most double DIN units have a reverse camera input. With a simple switching circuit you could chose to display either the front or rear image.
    You can get video combiners that can combine signals from both cameras into one split screen image but these tend to be bulky things and would need some know ho to get it all installed and working.

    I'd imagine there'd be settings on the camera that allow it to be used in an offset (from centre) position.
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    Cheers SpeedyGee, input appreciated.

    I should be able to install a Double Din head. However, so far I've only seen videos and accounts for folk having done it on other years, not the 2002. Also the fact that a previous owner has installed a radio/DVD player in place of the original unit (which I presume didn't have satnav) I can't be sure what state the wiring is. For the lay out of cost for acquiring such a unit and then to not be able to easily fit it, or rather get someone to do it for me as my mobility issues would make it a difficult job - and then to not be able to continue and have to return or sell the acquired item seems like a lot of hassle. I was hoping someone had experience of doing this on a 2002 model but thus far, it seems not.

    I think far less cost and hassle involved in investigating just fitting rear view camera (maybe plus sensors). I'll approach the garage that does my servicing/MOT, and take it from there. One might imagine there'd be settings on the camera to compensate for offset etc, but that needs to be determined. :book:
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    Hello, did you fit anything yet or still looking?

    I fitted a Pumpkin 7" head unit to my 2003 CR-V last year, has an Android OS so you can have sat nav, radio, play MP3s, videos, anything you can do on an Android tablet (bought from Amazon).

    It has a camera input but I haven't connected mine up yet. Was easy to fit after buying an adaptor wiring kit - plug and play basically.

    2016-09-23 11.25.26. 2016-09-23 11.24.58.
    Let me know if you want more info...
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    Hi Stevekay,

    Thanks for asking. I did sort something out. I took a punt on an original fit radio being advertised on eBay from a scrapped CR-V 2002. I was able to fit that myself with no dramas, and having obtained radio code, it worked fine.

    I ordered a rear view parking camera with rear view mirror monitor and rear parking sensors (all Parksafe brand) complete with fitting from AVR mobiles. That was £329 inc VAT for supply and fit, which took about 4 hours. Very pleased.

    Now if I hadn't done that, or if I wish to improve the system, what you have fitted seems just the job, I guess I'd only need to know what adaptor wiring kit is required. However, as I do very little mileage, I don't see me doing that in the near.

    Take a look:
    01-radio-fit-cr-v-2002-close. 02-radio-fit-cr-v-200-near. 03-parksafe-parking-camera-rear-view-mirror-close. 04-parksafe-parking-camera-rear-view-mirror-near. 05-replacement-original-radio-parking-camera-monitor.
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    That looks very cool!

    Glad that you found solutions that meet your needs, happy driving!