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    I have a Honda Accord Exec V-Tech '53 plate It hasn't run for three years and my dream of getting it back on the road is disappearing faster than the money I would chuck at it. I've been quoted £104 to tow it away, its breaking my heart. Please could you tell me if any enthusiast would be interested in having it for the same price to do up? I can't bear the thought of it being scrapped. I bought it with some money my mum left me and I'd love to think it was back on the road and cruising like it always should have been. At the time it came off the road it needed an O2 sensor and I was led to believe this was going to be an expensive job and one I couldn't afford to put right.

    If anyone can point me in the direction of someone who may want it then I'll be really grateful. But also if you think its days are done then please tell me.

    Many thanks

    Jess xx
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    Hey Jess. Sorry to hear about your Accord. We all can relate to the feeling where you feel the car is not ready for scraping yet the situation means that is the only solution.

    Although regular forum rules dictate that no selling unless you are an active member who takes part in other conversations before you are allowed to so I don't know what mods think of this however I think it will help if you can post up photos of the car so we can see what can be done and if it is worth saving.
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    Right firstly nice avatar is that your dog if so we have a dog thread where you can see all our babies.
    I've just had a browse of eBay and 02 sensors don't seem to be that expensive. Where you quoted by a dealership for this.
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    As said, a dealership will charge a fortune in labour and OEM parts prices, so don't judge the situation on something like that.

    But if the car has been standing for 3 years, the brakes may also need attention.

    As suggested, put up a picture or two.
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    Welcome to HondaKarma @Jessicatwopigs :welcome: