Pre-Purchase Advice on car I'm looking at

Discussion in '8th Generation (2006-2011)' started by BlueFRV, Thursday 5th May, 2016.

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    Hi folks,

    Going to look at this Civic at the weekend (in Ireland) - to go with the FR-V :Smile:
    Anyone got any comments of advice? It doesn't have cruise, front fogs or heated seats, and it's got aircon instead of climate.
    1.4 l Auto

    Are they good / bad - any known issues with engine or transmission?
    Also - is it a timing belt or chain?


    Des D'Arcy Motors Ltd., Honda Civic 1.4 Automatic (2011)
  2. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    I'm not that well read on Civics, but you can see the brochure below that will give you some of the standard information.

    Is the 12 month warranty just with the dealer or is it a full Honda warranty?

    Sales Brochure - Honda Civic 5 Door: United Kingdom 2009
    (You can download the PDF from the link above)
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    Thanks for that.

    It's dealer warranty, not Honda warranty (but the dealer happens to be a Honda dealer).
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    It's always best to check exactly what the warranty covers. Some have clauses and if it's not covered you are have a good look at it.
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    United Kingdom quince Bromley
    are you set on a 1.4? that engine is so sluggish in the Civic which is bigger than the older Civics. Have you driven the 1.8? If it has to be a 1.4 then fair enough, if it doesn't I'd suggest you test drive both and then inevitably decide on the 1.8
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