Engine & Gearbox Advice on CL7 Euro R before I buy!

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    I've decided buy the CL7 Euro R however I have 2 major concerns...

    The first is maintenance costs and availability of parts. I've no idea how much in common it has with the UK CL7 Accords which only were available up to the Type-S but in the event replacement parts are required, do any of you know if these are going to dampen the experience of owning such a rare and good looking saloon? Ultimately I don't want to be in a position whereby a mechanic tells me a part is unavailable or it will cost a bomb to import and replace. Neither do I want to be faced with huge bills if there are any particular known catastrophic problems with Accords. It's a gamble with it costing about £4K more than the Type-S but I hope it shares a lot in common with the UK CL7 Accords. It's getting on a bit at 11 years old but I do intend for it to be a long term car and tuning/modification project.

    My second concern is the actual inspection itself. This is my first car I will buy. I previously drove an inherited car for a good number of years. What exactly should I be looking for when inspecting the Euro R. The basics as well as anything that needs special attention exclusive to the Accords would be greatly appreciated! In return I'll post photos of my purchase and of course join in the discussions within these forums!

    Thanks :Grin:
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    Firstly, there's one another Euro-R in the UK that I'm aware of, it's owned by another club member who's on our Honda Karma Facebook group.

    I'm not the most qualified to answer, but from my understanding there's more similarities than differences.

    Engine wise, it's a K20A: the flywheel/clutch set-up, the gears in the tranny, the intake manifold, throttle body etc. can be ported from either the Civic/Integra Type-R. Exhaust, for the most part, you can work off other trim Accords .There's so much common shared inheritance between the various high-end K-Series engines it's not hard to find something that works from other models if you struggle. You've got the added benefit of LSD in the Euro-R.

    Moving onto the chassis, besides lips and side skirts, the bumpers and wings are the same, the grill is found on the Type-S, doors are the same but window trims don't have a chrome surround. On the interior, you just have bucket seats instead of the cloth/split/leather on the regular UK models. Your door cards are slightly different, different steering wheel, metal sports pedals, red dash from the PFL Type-S. There might be other little nuances I can't think of - but nothing I can see that is mission critical.

    Suspension is slightly stiffer, and stock it comes with lower profile tyres. Brakes are on 300mm rotors I believe, pads/discs might be the same as the Legend, but do a bit more research on that.

    I can't think of much Accord specific, the K-Series engines are bulletproof.

    Look for signs of rust around the arches, check the rear impact bar from underneath to see if it looks like it's been in a collision, pull out the spare wheel and check the state of the bodywork underneath. Check your usual pad/tyre wear as it's a good bargaining point. Check all the engine fluid levels you can (coolant/oil etc.) as that's another indication of whether the car has been well maintained. When test driving the car, watch our stable the idle is, a cold car will hunt for a while but should be stable after (listen for tapping from the engine). When you get on the road, drive it hard and drive it sharp, look for play in the steering, does it drive in a straight line when your hands are off the wheel? (a little bit of pull to the left would be normal, contour of the road). Make sure she's transitioning smoothly between the gears, the clutch isn't slipping, brakes are uniform and sharp (and ABS kicks in if you slam them). Literally push her to within the comforts of your own limits driving, it's under those conditions that any problems will truly show.

    The mother gave me a lift up to Birmingham when I picked my Accord, she wanted to test drive it too (mothers know best eh), she actually thrashed the girl harder than I did and said she thought there was something wrong with the clutch. I thought it was just her driving. Incidentally, 5 months later the clutch died completely.

    Try find out as much service history as you can if there is no dealer paperwork, every little thing is a bargaining point when it comes to buying a new car.

    The staff here should be able to help you out with any issues you have. Incidentally, I'm 1/4 mile from the Lancashire border and starting to accumulate a lot of gear for servicing and maintenance. We're a friendly bunch, stick about :Thumbup:
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    I think I've found him :Smile: Messaged him on Facebook.

    That's a lot of info that I was precisely looking for there! Thank you very much for your time putting that together. I'll be sure to use it when I test drive the car. Will definitely stick around. :Smile:

    - - - Updated - - -

    How has your Type-S been for you? Who do you get it serviced by? I think I'll be going to TDI North and ABP Motorsport for all my servicing/tuning/modification needs.
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    Wing's a nice guy, he'll be able to give you pointers too :Thumbup:

    I can't fault my Type-S at all, she was battered and bruised when I brought her. I've been getting her back to perfect step by step. The only thing I can really fault the car itself for was the clutch dying. The pedal assembly snapped which in-turn left the clutch plate part engaged a lot of the time, it wore down prematurely. She's got a K20A lightweight flywheel and stage 1 organic clutch in now. Read up on her history here mate. I couldn't be happier with the car.

    I've done all the servicing myself so far, if there's something I can't handle - I tend to try and get the info from another member and give it a shot anyway. That's just my attitude towards it, and I've learnt a fair bit. Took receipt of a Honda Diagnostics System yesterday which will help learn the more technical side of things :Thumbup:

    TDI North get a bit of bad press, but many Accord owners have used them. I intend to find out for myself and get them to retune mine in the future. Of course, any basic bits like oil/filter/spark changes and what not, just drop me a message.
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    *Goes back to check who I messaged...*

    Nope I messaged Michael W. Have sent Wing a message too now lol. Unless Michael has one too now because he did post on the Honda Karma Wall showing his new alloys.

    I read on another forum that another owner of the Type-S had his clutch replaced. I suppose at some point they will need changing. I'm coming from an automatic so only had oil changes done to it.

    Impressive project log you got there. Going to read through it now. You've done quite a bit of work on your car :Thumbup:

    I do prefer your alloys over the ones on the Euro R though. The Euro R ones are a bit nasty in my opinion so alloys will be my first thing to change.
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    Oh man, my bad completely I meant "Wong" not "Wing". You messaged the right guy in the first place. Wing has a I-CDTI 2.2 if memory serves.

    Clutch replacements are quite common above the 100k mark, I mean they're classed as a consumable part afterall. Mine was only sitting somewhere around 85k at the time which is considered pretty early all things considered.

    It's early days yet mate :Hey:

    Well, we have some potential there. I want to refurb and then sell mine, I just see no need to do so until I go through my current set of tyres.