Suspension, Steering and Brakes Advice on Pagid brake caliper anti-squel clips

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    Hi everyone,

    I am new to AOC and hope you are all well, I am after some help installing some Pagid brake anti-squel accessory kit clips. What I need to know is where do the clips go on the brake pads top or bottom and is there a certain way around that they have to be put on. Just a bit confused as the garage I used previously didn't fit these clips and its the first time I have fitted brake discs and pads to a Honda Accord. I have already fitted the rear discs and pads as the old pads were down to the metal and the discs were very badly worn. I just didn't know where the anti-squel clips went and my mate said I probaly didn't need them. I also had a seized slider pin which I had to buy from as it seems its the only place I could get them from. This is what I belive was causing the pads to wear uneven as one pad had plenty of wear left on it but the other side was down to the metal. Anyway any help would be very much appreciated and please no trolling or flaming as I am getting fed up with this on other forums. Before someone asks they are Lucas rear calipers with Pagid discs and pads and my car is a Honda Accord 1.8 se 2000 plate.


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    Hi Raptor man and welcome to AOC.

    You will not find any trolling or flaming here on AOC. We are simply Honda enthuasiats, out to help each other. There's no trolling, flaiming or having any kind of money making altramotives.
    These are precisely the reasons I joined this site midway through last year, like yourself I was fedup of how you get treated elsewhere. Since joining I have made this my home and I'm really glad I joined.

    Anyway moving on, I've not worked on the 6th Generation Accord brakes myself but rest assured we'll be able to collectively guide you. Someone will be along soon with the info that your looking for.

    IIRC there was a DIY thread for 6th Generation brakes on here as well, have a search, I'll have a look as well for you .
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    Hi SpeedyGee thanks very much for the quick response and I am glad this site doesn't have lots of trolls and flaming as thats all I used to get on some local car forums. My problem is relatively simple for anyone used to working on 6th Generation Honda's I am sure but I am used to working on Fords which are a little different. I just need to know if I need to fit the accessory kit from Pagid or it just need binning but I'm guessing it tells you how long you have left on the pads but hey! I could be wrong. I will have a look through the forums to see if I can see the thread you are talking about.

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    yeh! there a bit different to mine and it doesn't show where to put the pagid accessory kit, thanks anyway:Thumbup:
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    Hi raptorman :Smile:

    I had exactly the same problem with the slider pins seizing on my 6th Generation ! The bottom slider pins on both calipers had seized and I ended up having to buy new caliper carriers as the pins would not come out :-( these clips you are talking about ! Are they very small metal clips ?
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    Yes Rhys they are small metal clips:Thumbup:
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    If im not mistaken they go on the top of the pad :Smile:
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    When I bought rear pads they already had anti squeal shims on them and they came with these clips that fitted in to a notch on the pad ! Not sure if that is the clip you have ??
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    Here is a pic



    I think they may be wear indicators for the pads but not sure there are no instruction with them whatsover.??
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    Won't let me view the image ??
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    They are the ones :Smile: pretty sure they went on top but they didn't seem to be held on by much and looked like they wouldn't be staying on for a long time ??!!!
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    Hey bud
    Welcome to AOC :Smile:

    When I did my rears about 10k ago I didn't bother fitting the clips made no difference on my car (7th Generation) have had no pad squeal at all
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    Ok thanks guys thats all I needed to know:Thumbup:
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    Wear indicators(anti squel clips) fitted along with brand new slider pin for the caliper so hopefully everthing should be ok now. Thanks for you help guys:Thumbup:
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    This is the main reason why I buy genuine Honda pads no guesswork and not being left in the middle because you buy a cheaper part.

    tot up the price differential between discount part price from Holdcroft Honda and grey market and then do a like for like comparison what you get in the box. then you will see the price is not the defining factor ..but the qaulity.

    You get what you pay for, i just hate scraping around the barrel for bits to make grey market parts to work. Save time with the correct part from the start.