Intake System Aerodeck tickover/auto choke problem?

Discussion in '3rd Generation (1986-1989)' started by aeroduck, Thursday 12th Sep, 2013.

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    New member to the club so hope I have done this right! Recently bought 1988 Aerodeck in nice nick but plagued with a very lumpy tickover. It's a twin choke auto carb which starts first time at about 2000rpm - warms up - but as soon as put into gear will not keep going at less than 1250rpm. Also runs very lean and the mixture screw does not seem to make any difference at all. Have checked all the obvious things like vacuum pipe leaks and holey diaphragms and manifold without any success - any ideas? Am I looking in the right place for the problem? Could it be a case for replacing the carb - if so - has anyone any ideas where I might find one or any other bits for that matter. Thanks for any help.
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    Hey up Aeroduck.

    I have plenty of carb experience and love tuning them there is something magical about carb :Icecream: , can you send me a PM with your VIN number I will find the relevant idling speed ,timing and how ET the carbs right.

    IIRC all Honda have their airfuel mixture capped off to avoid messing with the AFR. take a picture of which screw you are adjusting to see if you are touching the right one.