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    I've just bought my first Honda, it's a used HR-V and its the smoothest and best runner I've had yet. Think my next car will be a Honda. I've already found some helpful info on this forum and thanks for that.
    However I am having difficulties with installing a new sterio. There was already an after market sterio installed but it was faulty, the unit lights up but because the connecters do the face have been damaged the details on the screen are jumbled. I say this because my new sterio (which halfords tested and showed me working) will not work what so ever. I have swapped the red and yellow wires around as suggested with some cars and have replaced the fuse under the dash board.

    I'm really lost and would be greatful if anyone Here could help me out. I'm a musician and I Need music in my car hehe.
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    We need to know how you did the wiring.
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    Just swapping wires without checking them first is a recipe for disaster. Standard ISO is simple in general and with a converter harness which I presume you have? Should just be plug and play.
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    The ISO harness is already installed and will power the previous but faulty sterio. I thought the same with swapping the red and yellow wires but the person at halfors did it and said it's fine.
    I have tried everything I can think of and with the limited knowledge I have. I Sony have a amp meter to test the voltage but as the old sterio powers on (only for 5 seconds) I'm assuming that it's getting the right power.
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    As far as i have know with cross referencing my harness set up with diagrams and some youtube videos, its all fine. I have replaced the fuse a few times, even with the matching ampage being 10amp from the previous stereo being 15amp. Could it be the ground wire? theres no damage or lose wires that i can see, without taking the center console off.
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    You firstly need to check the power supply & earth with a multimeter, then narrow it down from there. "The man from Hellfrauds said it was OK" is the start of a long list of electrical & mechanical disasters in my experience. Pop to a local Auto electrician & a £20 drink later would probably see you sorted, if you don't have a knowledgeable local friend that is.
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    what he said :Smile:
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    Cheers, im gonna go to my mates later and use his multimeter
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    Nice one. Take some pictures of what you find, it might help others in the future.
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    Quick update: Found that the yellow power wires were receiving 12 volts even without the ignition on or in position one - i believe this is to be expected with one power wire constantly receiving power and the other (in this case Red) only has power when ignition is on or in position one.( accessory power i think its called?)

    However the Red power wire wasnt receiving anything, even with the ignition on or in position one. We tested the car harness and found the same thing, only the wire from the car harness that matches up with the Red wire of the head unit harness is not Red and is Grey/white. don't know if thats important or not, but the only thing i can think to do now is to take off the console and chase that grey/white wire into the car and check for a lose connection or damage?
    Its still strange that the old stereo/head unit does receive power, all be it only for a short time.

    I couldn't take any photos at the time as i didnt have my phone to hand.
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    How's things going with this?