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    i rebuilding my accord from the ground up ..but im having a warm time deciding which aftermarket brand to buy besides genuine parts after a set of upper and lower ball joint (front ) im not familiar with brands such as adl ,delphi, moog, FIA ,first line, febi bilstein and lemforder ..any recomendations ? the dealership wants £52 for the lower a pop and i only get 10% which on the of the brands is trusted ...?
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    its a personal and finantual choice buddy. you get what you pay for in life and if you caunt afford genuine you take your chance with non-gen. there are differences in quality no matter what some people may tell you. my opinion is if you are buiding your car from the ground up, you obviously want to do a decent job of it. i would go for genuine parts as i know the difference fitting both gen and non gen parts on a daily basis. are you putting the car on track days? lowering it? keeping it standard? you may want to considder performance parts for the first two but if keeping standard you caunt go wrong with genuine. the quality isnt the question because its gen parts all the way, its just the wallet ime affraid.
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    lloydie london
    ball joints and front wheel bearing .
    £56 each ball joint .
    wheel bearing front:- £128 each.

    i found a pair of genuine front wheel bearings for £60 inlcd shipping turns out the dealer was clearing out , the ball joint i bought from the states workout for the pair £53 incld shipping.
    . SAM_0457. so you see uk dealership prices ...smh..i hold my tongue worth shopping around .still on a mission
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