Engine & Gearbox Aftermarket warranty package , re timing chain timebomb

Discussion in '7th Generation (2003-2008) [Acura TSX]' started by mrjolly, Saturday 1st Jun, 2013.

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    Hi all, Im sort of convinced my timing chain is noisy, so am a little paranoid of it failing. It is a job i could do myself but it will still be a costly job if i replace all sprockets/ tensioners/ guides and chains + the days work. I had a thought about getting a warranty/ insurance policy against mechanical faliures. Does anyone have experience of such firms, do you think it is a worthwile thing to do? Got a quote of £30 a month? is it worth it for peace of mind?
    any thoughts appreciated. Sid
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    I've used warranty direct and they were brilliant. They cover wear and tear (which majority of others don't) and paid out over the years for alsorts. (Wiring looms, drive shafts, CV joints, EGR valve (On my first Accord), wheel bearings, alternator). They were also competitive on price. I found to get a quote on line but don't proceed and they'd phone you the next day or so and screw them down on price. On one policy they gave me a £0 excess as well. Can't speak for other companies.
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    Thats good to hear mate, i mean £30 a month against a timing chain job , £800 in bits + labour. Hmmmmmm. Sounds worth it to me.
    Do you need a catastrofic breakdown to claim or can you take your car to the garage with a noise or whatever and not worry about the bill?
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    With them you had to had cover for a certain period for the wear and tear to be covered. I think they increased it to 90 days. You need to have had it correctly serviced and prove it as well. When you had a problem you took it to a
    garage (when my EGR went I took it to Honda). They diagnosed it and submitted the claim online to them and they authorised it. Honda then booked me in. I paid Honda and sent the bill to warranty direct. They took off the excess and I got a cheque back within a week.

    If you use Halfords garages they pay then direct. My alternator went on a different car on the policy I had £0 excess on. I drove it to Halfords and a few hours later left with nothing to pay and no paperwork to sort.

    I'm sure others will have good and bad experiences but they were mine. I don't work for them either!
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    quite a few customers where i work are using some sort of extended warranty. unfortunatly the timing chain is the biggest bug bear on the ICTDI accord, puts a downer on such a good car/engine. i wouldn't reccomend a diy replace of the timing chain unless you have a good mechanical knolage. make sure you service history is up to date and you caunt go too far wrong with these warranties.
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    Just a nuts and bolts jigsaw puzzle by the looks, i have a good w shop so aint scared of the job. Just scared about the cost of a couple of bits of chain. Lol. The cost of the bits is more than i would normally spend buying a car!