Dealers/Garages aftersale warranty - how to not void it?

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    Ok, the aftersale warranty for used cars says it covers the car as long as its serviced by Honda. If I go to different garage to do clutch and FW (£550 comparing to over £1k at Honda) would it void warranty.
    What do they mean by servicing. I can change the oil and air filter myself, but do I have to pay double at Honda to keep the warranty?
    Another thing is, would this kind of warranty cover the repair/replacemant of one of the engine mounts (the one by the gearbox). Im getting strong vibrations during acceleration, (definitely not tyres, and not drive shafts).
    Will be thankfull for some kind of explanations.
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    Its Honda approved car. I'm quite sure its Honda Happiness.
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    Honda Extended warranty can be availed at any Honda dealer in the UK it is not tied down to a specific dealer. One of the prerequisite is that you get you car serviced at the dealer to maintain the warranty cover. Doing it yourself mean you can't generate a VAT receipt for the works.

    As for the inclusions and exclusions of the policy have a look at the paper work you received with the car,on the extended guarantees have a look at this Extended Guarantees | Used Cars | Honda (UK) it not that much different.
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    Having your vehicle serviced by a Honda approved dealer is smart because they will have access to the right parts, with properly trained personnel to service your car. You can't always guarantee the quality of a part going into your car at any corner garage or 'shade tree' mechanic.