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    Hi, new poster, long time reader. If it was not for these forums, I would not even have considered an accord let alone be excited to get one.

    The 2.2 diesel seems perfect for my 35000 motorway miles per year. Trouble is I have 5k max to spend....

    So my question:

    I have seen a lot of 04/05/55 plates on about 80k miles for appx 5k or under. I have also seen much newer up to 08 plates around 105k miles for around 4k.

    All with FSH.

    What would be best.

    In my head I say an 08 plate on 105k will give me £1000 for spares and repairs and I think this would be best.

    I need it to last 2years, or 70k miles.

    Any thoughts/help would be great!.....

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    Hi Jamie
    Accord diesel is a very good car and it should serve you well if it has been maintained properly.
    I personally would go for younger car but your money therefore your choice.
    Just check for this faults and has any of them been done.
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    Look after and it will look after you.
    Good luck with whatever you decide to buy.
    Happy Christmas and new year.
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    Useful link, ta!
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    I'd say up to 150k miles you shouldnt have any major problems, so if you do 35k a year you need to looking for cars with 80k on the clock. Beyond 150k you'll be into new clutch and DMF, which is £700, possible injector and fuel pump problems, brake disks, wheel bearings etc.
  5. Dave Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    I personally wouldn't go for an older car due to the timing chain issues. I've got just over 160k on my 2006 diesel and touch wood its been ok.
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    Hello Jamie,

    I would go for the 08 cars. To achieve that mileage they have probably covered lots of motorway miles. The 04/05 cars clearly haven't at approx 10k a year. The 04/05 cars sound overpriced to me.
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    Hey guys, just seen an 09 Civic with leather interior and FSH, but 105k for £3100. Probably the wrong thing to do: ask about Civics on an accord forum, but I guess the engine etc is the same?

    Would you recommend something like this? 105k miles, but it will give me nearly 2k left for spares/repairs etc. Is a Civic reasonable in terms of distance travel? I just can't seem to find any decent Accords in my area, they are all up north and I would have to take the train to go view them....
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    Never drove Civic myself but would imagine they would be pretty similar as they have the same 2.2 I-CDTI engine.
    Take one for a test drive and try it.
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    May not be wise today, but I am going to. Will let you know how it goes....
    - - - Updated - - -
    Will I still be allowed on here if I get a Civic? :Wink:
    - - - Updated - - -
    Will I still be allowed on here if I get a Civic? :Wink:
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    All Honda owners welcome bud.
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    Hi Jamie, the engine is NOT the same in a 2009 Civic. Civic has the 140 BHP I-CTDI with 'classic' injectors. Accord has the 150 BHP I-DTEC with piezo injectors (just like the latest Civic generation has now).
    I believe UK version does not have a DPF filter fitted on this Civic. Accords do have.
    You're on the right place to ask info. I had a 2007 FK1 Civic (1.4 I-DSI petrol) for 3 years and my wife still has such a Civic (a 2008 1.4 I-DSI petrol). Mine is trade for an Accord 2.0 i-VTEC now.
    A Civic drives more sporty but you should not fear long distances at all. It all depends on what you want to do and what you expect.
    If I may advise you: don't fear the 2.0 petrol versions. Fuel consumption is more than 'reasonable' and if you hear of any engine related troubles, chances are high they are related to diesels only. Go and check out some of them if there are Accord petrols for sale in your area. You might be surprised after a testdrive.
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    Thanks Rob all Honda owners are welcomed.
  13. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    If I met anyone today and they said they were on the market for the Honda diesel I would tell them to disregard the I-CTDI totally now it does not make a good used car inveiglement on the whole.

    Some will last without any issue but on the whole the I-CTDI is well known to bite your backside and you regret buying it.

    There are no major regrets with the I-DTEC