Electrical & Lights Air con and radiator fan not working

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    Hi all,

    The other day on my way home from work, the air con stopped blowing cold. I checked all fuses and they all seemed fine. So I went off to quick fit to get the air con regassed as I've not had this done since I've owned the car.

    They regassed the system and told me that for some reason it hadn't worked.

    I've had a bit of a closer look and have noticed that my radiator fans don't seem to be working. It doesn't matter if I switch the aircon on or off. The radiatorf an was also not turning after my 45 minute commute.

    I can't think what it could be. I can't hear the aircon compressor click in either. I've swapped the relay over with another and still no joy.

    Any ideas anyone?
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    Could be the wiring to the pressure switch I believe someone had trouble with it being corroded its in the side of the air con rad and gets battered by the elements big time. Or it's the switch itself.
  3. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Corrosion in one possibility but for it to work and then suddenly stop would also mean a blown fuse too

    Since you already checked the relay just check the number 30 fuse under your driver side its 7.5A fuse.
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    Thanks for the replies,

    I had a play about on Sunday. I found that the compressor would click if the relay was bypassed by connecting the output ends of the relay socket with a wire. The relay itself is fine.

    I checked the voltage to the relay and it was 10.4v. I assumed it needs to be 12v for it to switch.

    So the issue is that the relay is not getting the voltage. Possibilities are:

    1. loose connection somewhere
    2. Duff pressure sensor
    3. Duff control panel.

    I couldn't get the connector off at the pressure switch. It could be a corroded connection not providing full voltage. But with the size of my hands getting to the switch was difficult. One I could touch it, I couldn't quite get to pull the connector off.

    I'm considering taking it top an air con specialist and getting it sorted. Anyone know of a decent air con specialist near Sheffield or Leeds?

  5. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    WD40 on the connector and buy yourself a long reach nose plyers that will do it. As for the volts seems low but wash it set at auto or manual aircon?