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    Hi everyone,

    Air con wasn't working so had it recharged by ATS, I have now noticed the green dye leaking from the bottom right corner of condenser. Any tips for replacing it? where to get a replacement? I have changed condensers on previous cars. Is there any guides for replacing it? Thanks in advance.
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    Same as any other make, find a replacement ! As said before mine leaks, found new one on eBay for £50 but has to be re gassed /fitted etc so total nearer £200
    Don't fiddle yourself it requires professional attention
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    If you've done it before then it should be a doddle.

    I can't say for the FR-V, but when I did it on my 7th Generation Accord several years ago, this was the procedure
    1. phoned Unipart (because they're local to me), they had an aftermarket condenser for the car for £70
    2. went to Halfords Autocentre and they evacuated the system for me for £70 (including the refill for later)
    3. drove back home, removed front bumper
    4. removed jiggered condenser and put new one in
    5. put bumper back
    6. drove back to the Halfords Autocentre and they refilled the system

    job done.

    Note that in those days (several years ago) I was not in any Honda forum and had no guide for removing front bumper, it wasn't difficult but it was fiddly finding the hidden screws and making a not of which clips went back into which hole.

    If you want the Honda part number start here https://www.lingshondaparts.com/honda_car_parts_catalogue_C01.php
    When you get to the page with the drawing at the top and part numbers below, you'll see that the part numbers begin with "PFKL". To get Honda part numbers, remove "_pfk" from the url of the page.

    e.g. thumbnail pages for 2008 FR-V diesel
    condenser page
    condenser page with "_pfk" removed from url
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    Thanks for the advice. Honda wanted too much for a genuine condenser, a website called adrads had one for £90 delivered but then emailed to say it was out of stock. I eventually bought a Nissens ones from eBay for £166. I got an air con specialist to change it and now have working air con. In very happy.