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    My Air Con has not been working for a while and I've just had it Regassed. It was down to 150 when it should read 450 according to the air con engineer.
    Since it was regassed it still fails to kick in and I get an Air Con error 2703 on the diagnostic menu. The Air Con Clutch is not seized and spins ok. The air con engineer did not have time to take a look as I'd only booked him for a regass. Is there anything obvious I could check myself before booking it in?

  2. Zebster Guest

    it could be the pressure switch or relay? What specific model do you have?

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    It's a Honda Accord 59 plate cdti 2. 2 odiesel.
    I've just checked the fuse in the drivers side fuse box and swapped the relays in the engine compartment fuse box.
    It's still the same, not sure where the pressure switch is or what to try next.
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    It was the relay on my CR-V which was displaying similar problems.
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    Echo Arctic Fire, it was the relay on mine.
    Part number I believe is 39794-SDA-A05 Omron relay upgraded to a mitsuba one.
    Check to see if it's a Omron one pull it out and give it a shake, sometimes you can hear it rattle inside.
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    The relay has an earth dependant switch feed from the A/C panel. You need to make sure you have two 12v feeds and earths. Also give the compressor a feed by bridging it out. If the compressor clutch doesn't engage when given a feed the problem is from the relay to the compressor. If the clutch engages and you don't have an earth from the control panel when switching the A/C on and off it is a faulty panel or radio unit. If the clutch engages and you have an earth i would suggest pressure switch.
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  8. Ian1covkid New Member Getting Started

    Ok so I've given the relay 12v and it clicks in, also swapped them around so no relay fault. When I bridge the relay output the clutch kicks in and I get full air con. So if I'm right clutch and pressure switch are ok.
    My issue seems to be that with the ignition on I get a permanent 3.5 volts instead of 0 at one side of the relay and 12 volts permanently at the other side of the relay no matter whether the aircon is switched on or off hot or cold. So there is never enough voltage across the relay to kick it into action. Any ideas before I book it in?
  9. Zebster Guest

    Check that the fuse making good contact. Maybe also try another fuse?
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    Navigation System DTC Troubleshooting: 2703

    It's related to the sat nav unit. But that one does give signals to the airco unit. One of them is faulty, or the wires/connectors between them.

    Edit: I see you have an I-CTDI engine? Is this an 8th Generation Accord? Should be an I-DTEC.