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    I have a 2007 Honda FR-V 2.2 Diesel and the air con is blowing warm so I took it to a garage to get re gassed which showed everything went well but it was still blowing warm. The mechanic said some cars need to be told that the car has been re gassed by connecting to the ECU but he couldn't connect with his machine and suggested another garage but he couldn't either.
    Has anyone else had this problem and how did they put it right.

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    If it's the same system and same layout as in the 7th Generation Accord, then the most likely cause is the pressure sensor, which is down in front of the condenser on the 7th Generation Accord.

    The other thing to check is the relay that pulls in the electric clutch on the compressor, that is a common weak link on all car aircon systems.
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    Thanks for the reply will take a look at that in the morning like I said the AC was checked before it was re gassed but still came out warm. The AC light is a constant green when switched on.

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    Actually I think it's a very different system than on the Accord, but faulty pressure sensor or faulty relay are the common weak points on aircon systems.

    It depends how it was checked before it was re gassed as to the conclusion of the person who checked it, tbh if they simply used an OBD reader then the check was as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike. It requires a tad of competence to check whether a relay is causing the electric clutch to engage, it is a very common fault on A/C.
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    It was ATS that did the re gas he said the compressor was kicking in and guessed the ECU needed to be told the AC has been done but couldn't get his OBD reader to read my ECU?
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    On the Accord it's the ECU that triggers the relay that pulls in the electric clutch, so that doesn't make sense unless the compressor in your car is electrically powered (rather than via a pulley and electric clutch).

    That made me check the compressor in your car, the drawing is in this link

    It has a clutch, so the system is a conventional system, same as in the Accord, so if the compressor definitely is kicking in, then the ECU is making that happen.

    So, assuming that the compressor is kicking in, then the relay and pressure sensor must be ok, so the only other possibilities I can think of are
    1. a leak ...did he at least run a vacuum check ?
    2. a perished condenser
    3. compressor not fully compressing the gas (e.g. slipping clutch)
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