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    Hi fellow KB1 owners. Maybe I need to study the handbook a little closer & this is a dumb question but here goes:
    When I have the climate control on auto, warm air is only comming from the right hand dash vent & not the one to the left of the steering wheel. If I use the manual setting & choose floor & dash vents, then they both produce warm air. Is this normal? I would like to have two warm hands & I'm not one for wearing driving gloves. At least not yet anyway!
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    don't have a KB1 myself but it sounds like you have "dual" mode selected, ie passenger can have different temp setting to the driver. This option is on the Accords, I assume it is on the KB1 also. Look for the "Dual" switch and make sure it is off.
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    Interesting thought SpeedyGee, however I tried switching it from/to dual mode & it made no difference. I did notice that if I raise the target temperature, then air does flow from the vent. So maybe not a fault but designed to work like that. I'm not going to pull it apart or lose any sleep over it. Thanks for your input, it is appreciated.
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    This can also been seen on all Honda cars with climate control as standard. Legend having a far superior and advance system will exhibit the symptoms you are seen on a low gas situation.

    I would get the car booked in for a aircon service bud.
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    Thanks CJ. It is due for a service early next year. I have never been one for neglecting the aircon service on my cars so I will get it done then. I have only had the car since August & it may not have been done before that. I'll let you know if that improves things.
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    Read somewhere that the system can allow for the sun heating one side of the car,so it will cool that side whilst keeping the other side the same temp-could this be at fault perhaps...only the sun is not that strong at this time of year.....
    cheers will
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    Thanks will, I'd forgotten about that feature & I'll keep it in mind as it may be having an influence. These cars are too clever for their own good!:Smile: