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    Hi there just had my airbag light come on. Diagnostics said 22-80 short to power passenger side tensioner and 54-50 internal failure of the SRS unit. I haven't reset the SRS yet manually by bridging the yellow plug but faults won't erase. Any ideas? Thanks Liam. Car is a honda accord gen7 2004
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    SRS bugs you can spend fortune in fixing it,if there is resistance in the harness then you can change all the sensors to find the issue still there.

    SRS bug finding and solution are expensive and no guarantee you will fix it. @DeviateDefiant and I spend a best past of three months finding a solution to his SRS issue changed all the sensors (Second hand) to find Resistance on the main loom and that loom is mega bucks.

    In an ideal world to fix SRS issue you need deep pockets and patience, on a old car you will soon find the cost of repairs will more than the value of the car.
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    I'm rather cynical about SRS issues after everything I went through as @Ichiban mentioned. I would try a new unit and hope that's where it ends, I'd buy one from eBay, and return it if it doesn't solve your issues. The tensioner short could be a result of that.