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    Hi everyone, looking for a bit of advice.

    My FR-V used to intermittently turn on the airbag light, however lately this has been happening more and more often.

    It is now on more than it is off.

    I read somewhere that it is connected to the seat belt clasp (drivers side) not letting the car know that the belt is clicked in.

    So the question is....does anyone know if the seat belt thing is true, is it easy to replace the belt buckle and is there any safety issues with replacing it???

    Any advice would be welcome.
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    Thanks for the reply Ichiban, i think the post you linked was maybe the one i read, however my light seams to be linked to drivers belt rather than middle belt.

    I have a mate with a Maxidas scanner thingy, ill ask him to scan it tomorrow and let you know what the codes are.

    Any idea of how much it is to replace a tensioner? Are second hand ones any good? any thing else i should be aware of?
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    Get the code first let see what its says bud.
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    As above, get the code read @bigjoe first.
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    SOOO, just back from my mate the mechanic, the scanner gives the exact same fault as @Nadeem79 had, which is 23 21 center seat belt tensioner.

    Can these be easily replaced? anyone have a part number or even a diagram of how to remove the seat and expose the pre-tensioner @Ichiban?
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    Nadeems fix, is really just a work around but works for long enough to get through an MOT.

    Car failed the MOT anyway on antiroll bar links (all of them by the sound of it) and, what i think is called the compliance bush at the front.

    Rear ARB links were replace last year and have failed already (think they were Blueprint?) is there a prefered brand that is better quality and can the compliance bush be replaced or does the whole arm have to come out...sorry for all the questions.

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    I think we need to get some more information on the rear seatbelt tensioner, as two issues in so many weeks must mean there's others suffering with the problem. I'm wondering whether it's stretched wires from the seat being moved about?

    Can you take some pictures of the seat belt tensioner/pulley?
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    Better part quality than blueprint it's genuine honda parts they are not expensive if you go via HH.
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    From the exploded diagrams on LingsHonda, Honda do do the bushes numbers 13+14 (£13.87+14.77) not too dear at all....

    The ARB links are a wapping £55 each though...

    Sorry for being a bit green, but how does the discount from Holdcroft work? and do they deliver to Northern Ireland?
  12. Nels Moderator Staff Team

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    Looks like I am a little off Club member yet :Smile: Ill give them and some of the local dealers a shout and see who has the best price.

    For the bushes, is there a tool specifically for Honda or will i have to buy a full universal kit?
    does anyone know what the outside diameter of the compliance bush is, luck might have it that the father in law will have a socket or something big enough to force it out...

    PS, thanks for all the help guys, i don't think i would attempt the repairs myself without the help and support of the forum!
  14. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    When you call HH, ask them for both prices - with and without club discount.
    Whilst we do not want spammers on here, playing the system just to get discount, you're half way to 'Club Member' level.