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    so I took my CR-V in for the airbag recall at my local dealer. Now I do have a big dislike regarding car dealers as I feel that they are trying to screw me and today it seems was no exception....
    My fear is that they haven’t replaced anything at all as nothing has been moved in the glove box and the steering wheel center hasn’t been replaced and I haven’t received any paperwork to say that the recall work has been completed. When my Jeep got the recall for the airbag control module under the cente console I got the letter headed paper signed and dated by the dealership.
    I did however receive a 3 page health report (which I didn’t want nor ask for) and a verbal warning that I had a hole in my center section of my exhaust and a power steering pipe that was leaking.........and a quote for £1200 to complete the work. Other items ranged from £15 to top up the oil and £70 to cure an engine oil leak......
    After leaving said dealer I went to see a friend at my local garage (not a car dealer) and after putting my car on the ramp couldn’t find a hole in the silencer, nor could we find a leaking power steering pipe. The engine oil leak we sorted out in a month ago when we replaced the front crank seal and bottom pulley. Had the Honda technician bothered to remove the under tray he would have found no trace of any fresh oil. So apart from every setting in my car messed with and a nice hand print on my boot lid I am really pissed off with the whole experience.
    Is this typical of Honda dealers?
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    Good dealers should take a photo of the issues and show you
    Trust is everything and it is not overly costly to do this and build that trust

    I seem to recall I had to ask for the airbag paperwork when it was done
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    First port of call in the dealership SM
    Ask for some paperwork to confirm that the work has been completed.

    IIRC, the serial numbers of the new and removed units have to be reported back to HUK. They also have to return the old units before they get paid.

    Let us know what happens.
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    Blah blah blah blah

    Before slagging a business off please get your facts straight. I’ll let you dig a little deeper before telling you why.
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    What facts did you want clarifying? Have I named a specific business? No? Please enlighten us all with your wisdom.
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    Not on here you haven’t. However, I doubt you have kept anonymity elsewhere.

    Let’s start the ball rolling by asking what the recall is for?
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    See the title of thread.
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    Why do you doubt that I have kept anonymity elsewhere? If I wanted to name the dealership then I would have. I was asking if anyone had similar experiences with Honda dealerships, yet all you have added to the mix is snarky comments and thinly veiled insults as to my character. If you have anything worthwhile to say then please do so. If it is just going to be more of the same then carry on by all means but understand that I won’t be engaging with your comments.
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    Which is wrong. The fault isn’t with the airbag, it’s with an over pressurised inflator. So your keen eye to notice that the airbag hasn’t been replaced is correct. So you’re accusing the dealer of not replacing something that shouldn’t be.

    Secondly. What possible advantage would the dealer have not to carry out the work scheduled? Nothing. As has already been pointed out, the dealer doesn’t get paid for the work until the old unit (which has a serial number) is returned back to the manufacturer. What they may achieve is a multi million pound legal case should your vehicle be involved in an accident resulting in injury or loss of life. Hardly worth risking a prison sentence for the technician and directors of the company either is it?
    Legal issues bring me in nicely to the free vehicle health check which you seem so against. Unfortunately for the dealer as your car visited their workshop they now have a legal obligation for its safety. If the vehicle had defective brakes for example and next week was involved in an incident the garage could be prosecuted as they neglected to notify you of a potentional fault or failure. A leaking exhaust and steering fluid could cause a serious failure. They are doing their job and giving you the option for you to decide whether or not you would like them to address the issues. It is however a visual inspection and won’t start taking undertrays off to diagnose further unless you ask them to.
    Lastly, who is to say that your friendly 100% trustworthy technician hasn’t found the issues that a qualified specialist has? I’m sure if the roles were reversed you would come to the same outcome.

    You started a thread which is just full of heresay and nonsense and expected people to jump on board with your ill informed rubbish.

    - - - Updated - - -
    So you didn’t go anywhere else to have the identified work checked?

    Please yourself, I won’t loose any sleep.
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    United Kingdom Frog Southampton
    Hi there,
    I took my 2nd hand CR-V to the dealer near me when I got it last year to get the same work done. I know it was an over pressurised something to do with air bag. No idea what gets taken out or adjusted but I did have to request a copy of the paperwork of the work completed as they didn't provided it off the bat.
    I also believe they have to inform Honda directly to update their records.

    As for your other stuff, I would recommend don't go back to them. Vote with your feet, tell friends, neighbours etc your experience but leave it as that. You never know.. your friend might have had just a quick look and missed something. Unless you see it for yourself its one persons word against another.
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    I was quite surprised to see the reaction to the initial posting.

    In my experience, main dealers are the technical experts for their vehicles and I won't argue that point. However, let's take one single point from the initial post: the Honda dealer said there was a hole in the centre section of the exhaust. This is not a Honda specific problem and you don't need to be a Honda dealer to diagnose something like that - or repair it. Any qualified/experienced mechanic could do that. A second garage said there wasn't. One of the two was lying, and the evidence described points towards the dealer. I think Honda make a great product and I have nothing but praise for my CR-V - but this doesn't mean the dealers are perfect as well. My experience in 30 years of owning cars is that main dealers have a tendancy to over-egg the pudding when it comes to advising on and estimating on repairs. If I had listened to my Honda dealer I would have paid over £400 to fix the roof blinds on my CR-V (a known issue and Honda issued a TSB about it); instead, I gave the runners a few applications of silicon spray back at the end of 2014 and haven't touched them since. This isn't rocket science and I am not a professional mechanic - and this wasn't a safety issue. The mechanic I spoke to could have advised me to try that first, but this idea wasn't mentioned at all. It's simply not in their interests to do so.

    If you use a main dealership that you trust to be pragmatic and not rip you off (regardless of marque), then that's great; however, I think they are a very rare breed. My in-laws had a Renault Clio from new many years ago; having run old bangers for most of his life my father-in-law didn't want the hassle of doing so in his retirement, so if it sneezed it went back to Renault, where they would invariably pay out a few hundred pounds for something trivial. I remember the conversation would be along the lines of "We've spoken to Mark at [dealer name withheld], and he says...." and I just knew the end of the sentence would involve a large bill.

    So - to summarise and answer the original question: "Is this typical of Honda dealers" - I honestly don't know, because I have only used one, and that's for parts only (DPF and ATF fluids); they didn't mention any other work that needed doing during my airbag/inflator fix, and I've only got the roof blind example above, so that's not enough visits to a single dealer make a conclusion. Is it typical of main dealers across most marques? Sadly, I think it is, and I don't use them for that reason - except on my wife's Fiat, which is brand new with a service plan and a warranty - and the decision to go that route was not based on cost but the fact that if it goes wrong they have to put it right free of [extra] charge. On used vehicles with no warranty, I wouldn't use any main dealer (for any marque) for servicing and repairs unless it was something very, very specialised or very risky. I might change that opinion when I have won the lottery and start driving a brand new Bentley....... :Smile:

    On this occasion, I suspect the dealer were trying their luck for extra work - some people would panic and just get it done. Kwik-Fit do the same with their free brake checks - and sometimes they are honest and sometimes I strongly suspect they aren't - it will really depend on whether they have met their sales targets.
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