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Discussion in '8th Generation (2006-2011)' started by rimmo, Saturday 14th May, 2016.

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    During the recent warm weather I noticed my air con was no longer blowing nice cold air, after a bit of research on the net I discovered that a likely cause could be the relay.

    Genuine Honda Civic Mitsuba Air Con Relay-2007-2011

    The air conditioning compressor magnetic
    clutch relay fails causing permanent Air
    Conditioning compressor clutch engagement,
    pressure loss and battery drain or no Air
    Conditioning compressor clutch engagement
    with no Air Condtioning function.

    To prevent Nitric acid forming the relay for use
    in the Air Conditioning compressor clutch
    circuit has been changed to one with improved
    sealing properties, this prevents moisture
    entering the relay. This relay is manufactured
    by Mitsuba and the previous Omron relay is
    no longer used in this application.

    Part Number-39794-SDA-A05

    So just a heads up if your air con stops working check the relay mine still had the Omron relay, now replaced with the improved mitsuba version and I now have fully working air con system again
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    Hi Rimmo/Ichiban

    Thanks for posting this. My 8th Generation Civic when i bought it had non functioning air con. The previous owner got it re-gased only for it to stop working again shortly afterwards and this was diagnosed as a leak in the system. To repair the leak the dash etc would have to come out to find the source of the leak, both the previous owner and myself decided this was too much hassle/expense have just lived without it.

    So have i understood the above could possibly be the reason for my air con not working as opposed to a leak?

    Thanks for your help

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    Hi @rimmo / @Ichiban

    Sorry to bump you guys but any advice?

    Thanks in advance.
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    If it was diagnosed the system had a leak then there will be no aircon charge in the system, so a working relay will prevent the compressor coming on to avoid damage.. however if there was a system fully charged and your car had a faulty relay the compressor won't come on either.
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    So prob worth giving it a shot to change thr relay and re-gas it to see if that fixes it?
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    Get a leak check done first to see if vacuum will happen on the system first, it cheaper to find out first before the cure.
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    The airco on my wifes 2008 model Civic (1.4 I-DSI) stopped working. Clutch engages and disengages as it should, relay has been switched by the Mitsuba one half year ago by myself. Touching the AC lines under the hood, I feel a bit of cold, but in the car you can not feel any cold at all.
    I suspect it just lost pressure over the years (first use of the car was in 2007). I will let it check for leaks and if all is fine, just fill it up again. Keep you guys informed.