Electrical & Lights Alarm sounding continuously - fixed!

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    Well my car clocked up 100,000 miles these week and seems to be driving better then ever until during the night a few days ago I could hear a car alarm going off. On looking outside I couldn't see any lights flashing on mine or my wifes cars so assumed it was elsewhere on the estate. After 15 minutes of on and off all went quiet.

    The next day we came to go out as a family. I unlocked the car as normal and about 10 seconds after getting my daughter in the alarm started to sound. Despite locking and unlocking the car it refused to stop sounding. I even managed to start the car but yet the alarm still continued to sound!?! After a few minutes it finally stopped! Running late and not wanting to annoy the neighbours I disconnected the battery just as the alarm started again. Not realising there was a battery backup it sounded again!

    After returning home several hours later I started reading up problems on here but couldn't find anything definite. I continued my search and found that a lot of Americans have experienced problems with the bonnet catch which has a sensor in it in case the bonnet is opened. This bonnet catch generally starts to break down and changes resistance (usually at night) sounding the alarm. The solution is to simply disconnect the sensor from the connector plug at the bonnet catch.

    With nothing else to go on I got my trusty 10mm spanner out and removed the plastic guard over the bonnet catch. There I could see the connector which was absolutely covered in grease and years of road grime. I disconnected this and reconnected the battery. And silence! I left it disconnected overnight and nothing. the following morning I went to my friends garage who is an auto electrician and he checked for fault codes with his Snap-On reader. On checking the security/alarm module nothing was showing as at fault. This was expected as the alarm was technically working as it should.

    For now I will leave the bonnet catch disconnected and if all is still quiet after a month I will order a new catch and fit that.

    Just thought I'd share my experience with the forum as i found a few others on here that had encountered a problem with no solution obvious.

    Next problem to solve is why only one of the two lights in the front interior light cluster is working when I open the door but both bulbs are fine (and the light works when I press for reading light). I'm suspecting a break down within the light cluster. Another headscratcher!?
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    Alarm problems can a real pain, you did well to get to the bottom of your issue.

    Think I recall reading that some light clusters can go and need replacing.

    You maybe able to check the cluster circuit and see what has gone wrong with it.
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    When I get the chance I'll whip the light cluster out and take a look
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    Thank you for sharing that one Paul. :Niceone:
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    Unfortunately I don't get much time to come on here but always try to add things like this. Hopefully it'll continue to help the forum grow and help other members.
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