Electrical & Lights Alarm system issue in hot weather!

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    Hello All

    I’ve had my 2004 Accord Diesel for 5 years, and with the exception of a blocked fuel filter, a couple of ‘penta alloy issues’ and flat battery the car has been great over the last 91k miles…

    Recently I have been experiencing an issue with the alarm, on the odd (rare!) day where the weather has been hot (say outside temp of 25+ degrees) the alarm randomly goes off. I seem to recall this problem last summer on 2-3 occasions but dismissed it as a glitch with the security system…. the problem last year was also on hot days.

    I’ve read somewhere a flat battery can cause issues, but my battery is newish (1 year old), and my problem as been both before/after the battery replacement. Any ideas/suggestions to what it could be?

    I’m thinking of booking into my local Honda dealer but want to try do some research into the potential cause (and cost!)… The only way to keep the alarm quiet in hot weather is to start the engine, switch it off and not lock the car at all, not even with the key... Not always ideal.

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    Welcome to AOC BKP, sorry to hear about your issues.